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The joys, fears, acceptance and prohibition of tobacco have accompanied the habit since it first became fashionable in the best houses of Europe. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the history of smoking.

In Aztec mythology, what type of goddess was literally made of tobacco leaves?

One of several goddesses for childbirth and fertility was made of tobacco, which played a role in the creation myths of some American tribes.


What activity did tobacco facilitate among North American plains Indians?

Some historians postulate that trade would not have been possible among these tribes without smoking to ease the way.


Which Elizabethan figure is credited with spreading the popularity of smoking in England?

Raleigh is considered not only the protagonist of smoking, but a quintessential smoker in his own right.


Did Sir Walter Raleigh's servant really throw ale in his face to put out the fire from his pipe?

This popular story has been told about so many people in so many different settings that it's most likely not true that it happened to Raleigh.


How long did it take for smoking to go from miracle cure to daily habit in England?

In England, as in essentially all societies, smoking became a common habit over a period of about 50 years -- less than an average lifetime.


True or false: Because of strong cultural values, people in some countries never took up smoking.

Experts believe that the only people who never got hooked on smoking were the people who were so isolated that they never tried it.


True or false: The public health campaigns of the 20th century raised the first fears about the consequences of smoking.

Doctors started raising concerns about the health of smokers within just a few decades of the practice becoming pervasive.


Rulers who tried to ban smoking in the 17th century did so primarily for what reason?

The biggest reason that pre-Enlightenment rulers sought to ban smoking was that the poor were enjoying it, and the poor weren't supposed to enjoy anything.


What phrase did Lucky Strike use to market cigarettes to women during the 1920s?

The Lucky Strike brand was marketed as one more way to cut your corset stays and become liberated during the time of suffrage.


During the 1950s, the peak of the smoking culture in America, what percentage of adults reported that they smoked?

The rate peaked at 45 percent and held at 40 percent through the 1970s.


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