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"Quack, Quack, Quack" may not be popular with school principals, but kids love it! In 1992, the Mighty Ducks was America's favorite pee-wee hockey team. They would go on to star in two more movies to complete the popular trilogy. But, for this quiz, we go back to the beginning and focus on the movie to start it all, "The Mighty Ducks." How much do you remember about this childhood '90s classic? That's yet to be seen, and we're willing to bet it's going to get down to the last penalty shot. By the way, do you remember who took the last penalty shot for the Ducks to beat the Hawks?

Every great team starts with their name, but did you know the Mighty Ducks actually began with a different name? What was it? From recruited figure skating siblings and a slap-shot ace without control, the Mighty Ducks know who they are, "Just so you know, we really suck." Do you remember who said that upon first introductions between Gordon and his young team?

Aside from their differences, you know how this team puts their differences aside to win in the end, and regardless how many times you've seen the film, you just can't take your eyes away when it pops up on your TV. 

So, let's take a trip to the hockey state and your favorite classic sports film as a kid and see how much you really know. 

In which year was The Mighty Ducks released?

The Mighty Ducks was released on October 2, 1992 and grossed more than $6 million in its opening weekend.


Who is the Coach of the Ducks?

Gordon doesn't just coach, he also plays hockey himself.


What was the name of the team before it was called the Ducks?

District 5 was 'pathetic' because it only referred to the area in which the kids lived. It wasn't a traditional team name.


What was Gordon's last name?

Gordon Bombay was referred to as "Coach" by his hockey players.


Which famous actor played the role of Gordon Bombay?

Emilio Estevez is the eldest son of actor Martin Sheen.


Gordon's occupation outside of hockey coach is...

Gordon is a defense attorney who is very good at his job, but has bad courtroom antics.


What is the name of the law firm for which Gordon works?

Mr. Ducksworth is portrayed by actor Josef Sommer.


After celebrating his 30th client win in court, Gordon...

Gordon is sentenced to community service by coaching the District 5 team.


What level of hockey is Gordon's team?

PeeWee is generally ages 11-12.


For which team did Gordon play when he was a kid?

The Hawks are the best team in the league.


Disgruntled, Gordan says, "I hate _____. They're barely human!"

He realllly doesn't like his community service assignment.


Who is the Goalie of the team?

I am Goldberg! The goalie!!!


What kitchen item does Gordon use to teach the kids about soft hands?

"You don't shoot the puck to your teammate. You sail it to him!"


Who is the coach of The Hawks?

Coach Jack Reilly is Gordon's former coach and extremely competitive!


When the district lines are reviewed, who is revealed as a Duck, not a Hawk?

Adam Banks was portrayed by actor Vincent Larusso.


Who ultimately sponsors the District 5 team?

The team is then renamed to the Ducks, in honor of their sponsor. They can now buy new equipment and uniforms.


What is the name of Gordon's old mentor and family friend?

Hans is portrayed by actor Joss Ackland who as of 2016 is 88 years old!


What type of store does Hans own?

He is often sharpening skates when Gordon pays him a visit.


Which famous actor plays the role of Coach Jack Reilly?

Lane Smith is also known for his role as Jim Trotter III in My Cousin Vinny.


What are the names of the figure skating siblings who were recruited to the Ducks?

Tommy and Tammy use their figure skating skills to distract the opponents and help score points for the Ducks!


Who has a great slap shot, but can't skate?

Fulton Reed is played by Elden Henson. His brother Garette Henson also appears in the movie as Guy Germaine.


Which player does Gordon see a lot of potential in?

Charlie is played by Joshua Jackson who is also well-known for his role as Pacey Witter in Dawson's Creek.


Who does Gordon develop a crush on in the movie?

Charlie's mother is played by actress Heidi King.


"Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack, Mr. _______!"

Gordon has just been fired and keeps quacking at Mr. Ducksworth!


Why did the whole team end up in detention at school?

When Gordon goes to help them get out of detention, he is proud, "Are we Ducks or what!?"


How many Mighty Ducks films are there in total?

The trilogy brought in more than $119 million in the US Box office!


"One, two, three ________."

A deke is when you draw an opponent out of position in order to score. This is Gordon's original move that he teaches to Charlie for the penalty shot.


Gordon asks Karp if he knows what being sarcastic means. Karp replies, "____________."

Gordon replies, "Ok then you do!"


"Concentration, not ________."

Gordon teaches the players that they need to concentrate when passing the puck around - it's not how hard you pass it, concentrate on passing it well.


Who takes the final penalty shot to win the champsionship for the Ducks?

Gordon keeps him calm and tells him he believes in him no matter what happens.


What do the Ducks nickname Adam Banks when he joins their team?

At first they don't like him because he comes from the Hawks, but then warm up to him and his nickname becomes a term of endearment.


Mr. Hall was the father of Jesse and ______ on the Ducks.

"Let's go Jesse! Let's go Terry!" Mr. Hall faithfully watched his boys in the stands.


At first introductions, who tells Gordon, "Just so you know, we really suck."

Lester Averman was portrayed by actor Matt Doherty. He graduated with a theater degree from Northwestern University in 1999.


Who was the smallest boy hockey player who always wore his hat backwards?

Peter Mark was portrayed by J.D. Daniels and is best known for his role in The Mighty Ducks and as Ben in CB4, an American comedy film.


In the final scene, Gordon boards a bus headed to...

The NHL's Basil McRae of the Minnesota North Stars gets Bombay a tryout!


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