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The hog is a domestic animal probably descended from the wild swine of Asia and Europe, is a popular figure in children's books and folk tales. Take this quiz and find out more about this popular animal, which is used both for food and fashions.

What is a mature swine called?

The mature swine is called a hog.


What is the name for a male hog?

The male hog is known as a boar.


What is a virgin female hog called?

A virgin female is known as a gilt.


When and where were hogs first domesticated?

They were first domesticated in China by 2900 B.C.


When were hogs domesticated in Europe?

They were domesticated by about 1500 B.C.


Where would you expect to find a Chester White?

It is a large American breed.


What is the skin of the hog used for?

Pigskin is considered a good-quality leather used for shoes, wallets and handbags among other things.


What is ham?

It is a form of cured pork.


For what purpose is the hog's intestine used?

Some parts of the intestines are used as sausage casings.


If you purchase lard, what in fact have you bought?

You have just bought yourself refined hog fat.


To what use are unused parts of the hog carcass put?

They are ground up, dried and used for fertilizer or as feed for other hogs.


Is there any way the hog can benefit mankind other than as food or leather?

Because of the similarity of the anatomy and physiology of the hog to that of humans, they are often used in research experiments.


What part of the hog's inner organs can be used to help humans?

The hog's heart valves are often used to replace defective human heart valves.


What common hormones used in medicine are extracted form the hog?

Insulin for diabetics is extracted from the hog.


Other than for shoes, what other use is there for hog skin?

Hog skin is used as skin graft for burn patients.


What is the average weight of an adult boar?

The adult boar weighs in at 600 to 900 pounds (270 to 410 kg).


Is there anything unusual about the toes of a hog?

The innermost and outermost toes are rudimentary and are too short to reach the ground.


What are the horns of the male hog?

These are extra large lower canines.


What is a duroc?

This is a breed of large red, American hogs.


How many pigs are there in an adult sow's litter?

Adult sows have 10 to 12 piglets.


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