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Do you need to cozy up your home a bit? Take this quiz and learn how to cozy up your home.

Which of these best describes a home?

We all know the saying, "Home is where the heart is," but we don't always know how to apply it. When your residence feels cozy and inviting it becomes a true home.


Which of these additions adds a nurturing feel to your home?

Nothing feels cozier than pillows and blankets made of plush fabrics.


Which of these should you add to your windows to give your home a warmer atmosphere?

Window treatments such as Roman shades will really add a sense of peace to your home.


How can you cozy up your dining room table?

A dining room table with a soft, plush runner can look both beautiful and elegant.


What is the best way to decorate your floors for warmth?

Area rugs help to visually define the spaces in your home. They are also a lot warmer than cold, hard floors.


How might you add a hint of romance to your bedrooms?

Nothing says romance like candles. Try a few colored wax candles to add a warm glow to your bedroom.


How often should you update your family photos?

Rather than keep your wall covered with pictures from long ago, keep your photos current. It will instantly make your house feel like home.


Which of these decorations is also a great conversation starter?

When people come over to visit, you can always use recent photos as conversation starters. People love to talk about recent vacations and compare pictures of the kids as they grow up.


Which of these can you use as an inviting decoration for your front door?

Hang a lovely door hanger with a message such as "Welcome" or "Greetings" to really make your guests feel happy when they visit.


How might you engage another of the senses when cozying up your home?

These days there are many products designed to add a lovely scent to your home: scented candles, air dispensers, and even filters for your AC /Heating system.


Which of these scents is associated with energy and clarity?

There's something about the smell of citrus that really energizes the home. Try an orange-scented candle and see how it makes you feel.


Which of these scents makes us feel calm and relaxed?

Vanilla, whether in our tea or just in the air around us, seems to make us feel calm.


How should arrange your furniture to promote more interaction?

We spend a lot of time watching TV, and we usually set up our homes to accommodate that. Try arranging your furniture so that people can see other people instead.


Which of these is known to make people feel uncomfortable?

It has been well documented that people don't like having their backs to a doorway. Try creative angling to avoid the problem.


If you have a large area to work with you could try which of the following?

You can always dedicate certain areas of the home for fun and games. Find a nice chess table, and keep the board ready for action.


How might you display your intellectual passions in your home?

Books are not only interesting to read, they are beautiful. A fine collection of books adds both class and refinement to your home.


How can you make best use of the hearth?

Why not use the fireplace from time to time? Find a pleasant-smelling and slow-burning wood, and enjoy a fireside chat with your closest friends.


What should you place near the fireplace to make it extra cozy?

Once you have a nice fire going, you can sit at your card table and enjoy a game of bridge with your friends.


Why wear slippers in the home?

Rather than allow your family to dirty the floors with the muddy boots, have some slippers waiting for them near the entrance to the home.


How should you store your slippers?

A set of cubbies near the front entrance will remind people to change out of their shoes and into their slippers when they arrive. Keep a few extra pairs for your guests.


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