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Home decorating tips can help you make good choices for the décor of your home. Take this quiz and find out how many home decorating tips you know.

What are the three primary colors?

Primary colors are red, yellow and blue.


For extra zing when decorating, use complimentary color combinations. What are complimentary colors?

Complimentary colors lie opposite each other on a color wheel. Red and green are complimentary colors, and when used together may add zing to your décor. FYI, during the 17th century, Isaac Newton developed the color wheel


What type of new home allows home buyers the least amount of home design choices?

Tract-type built homes give the home buyers the fewest choices.


What is a good way to unify the décor of several rooms?

Painting rooms the same color or different shades of the same color may create a more cohesive décor.


Which is more important when decorating, the look of a room or the usability of a room?

Form and function are both evenly important when choosing the décor of a room.


If choosing a coffee table with function in mind, what is a good surface for withstanding beverage rings?

Laminated or varnished surfaces will hold up against sweating glasses.


How can you instill life into old floor tiles?

Regrouting may renew the look of a tiled floor.


If using a contractor, how many bids should you get?

Three bids are recommended and don't hesitate to ask for references.


Is there a limit to how much you should spend on home upgrades?

Do not price your home out of the neighborhood. Experts caution that if you raise the value of your home significantly above other homes in the area, it may be difficult to recoup the investment when you sell.


What work requires a licensed architect or designer/builder?

Structural work requires licensed professionals.


What draws and holds your attention in a room?

The focal point draws and holds your attention. A beautiful view can be used as a focal point.


How far apart should you position sofas and chairs?

Eight feet apart is the maximum , or it will be difficult to have conversations without shouting.


What décor tip can make a bathroom seem more spa-like?

Lots of glass can make your bathroom seem like a spa.


Which color is timeless and goes with any style?

White and off-white are timeless and not the least bit boring.


Exposed ceiling beams are what décor style?

Exposed ceiling beams may give a country-home feel to a living room.


What is the most welcoming of lighting?

Natural lighting is the most welcoming. Lots of windows may make rooms feel more cheerful.


How much light do rooms need?

Rooms need 200 watts for every 50 square feet of space.


What happens to your eyes as you age?

The eyes' pupils become less flexible and need brighter lighting.


How much wattage can you use in light fixtures?

You must follow the manufacture's guideline.


What floor plan facilitates entertaining?

A living room and dining room combo can be great for entertaining.


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