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Do you think you're up to speed with the latest trends in home design? Do you see your ideas in home design magazines? Test your knowledge and creativity to see if you have what it takes to be a home design trendsetter.

Which of the following neutral colors would you pick to paint your living room walls?

Browns like chocolate and coffee are the new neutrals in paint colors for 2011.


Your grandmother left you an upholstered chair. Would you:

Updating it with a fun, modern fabric, puts a young spin on an old piece and lets you create your own style.


Which of the following describes your design style?

Vintage modern embraces many of the home design trends for 2011, including utility, sustainability and pops of color.


To update your bathroom in one step, would you:

Metallic paints and wallpaper are all the rage for 2011 and can transform a small room in one, small step.


To update your kitchen, would you:

Replacing your floors and countertops with unique material applications like concrete will be huge in 2011.


To accent a green couch, what color pillows would you choose?

Trendsetters create their own style by mixing various shades of the same color.


If you were creating an outdoor living space, what would you include?

The sky's the limit for a trendsetter's outdoor living space. Making your outdoor space feel like an inside space is the new trend.


You've found a set of bold, modern chairs that you just can't live without, but they don't go with your current traditional look. Would you:

You better buy them. Trendsetters often create new looks by mixing two very different styles together.


Your favorite skirt just doesn't fit anymore. Instead of throwing it away, would you:

You'd do any if you're a trendsetters because they find inspiration everywhere, including their favorite styles from the fashion world.


Which of the following trends do you think will be making waves in 2011?

A design trendsetter should be up to speed on the latest and greatest in design, and would know that cultural-inspired prints, colors and patterns from nature, and the many shades of blue are what's hot for 2011.


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