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Think you've got what it takes to ace this "Home Improvement" quiz? Let's see just how sharp your memory is.

Did you know that the popular television series, "Home Improvement," launched the career of Pamela Anderson? "Scuse? Yup, it's true. Pamela Anderson was the original "Tool Time" Girl, Lisa, on the show, but left after two seasons for a role on Baywatch, which remains the role she is best remembered for.

But, more importantly, "Home Improvement" launched the career of comedian Tim Allen, who went on to star in films such as "The Santa Clause" movies, "Wild Hogs," "Toy Story," and now stars as Mike Baxter on "Last Man Standing." The show also made Patricia Richardson, who played Tim's wife, Jill Taylor, a household name.

"Home Improvement" first hit the small screen in 1991 and ran for eight seasons and a total of 204 episodes. The show was filmed in Burbank, California at Walt Disney Studios. "Home Improvement" won numerous awards during its eight seasons including Golden Globes, Emmys, and Kid's Choice awards. The show had several notable guest stars including Jenny McCarthy, Alan Jackson, Jay Leno, Bob Vila, and former US president, Jimmy Carter.

How well do you think you'll do on this quiz. Get started to find out.

Who is the lead male actor of Home Improvement?

Actor Tim Allen starred in all 204 episodes of Home Improvement.


Tim Allen's character is Tim the _________ Taylor.

Tim Allen's full name is Timothy Allen Dick.


What is the name of Tim's home improvement show?

Tool Time is a 'meta-program' - a show within a show. It was conceived as a parody of the PBS home-improvement show "This Old House!"


Who is Tim's friend and mild-mannered assistant on Tool Time?

Al Borland is a master plumber and licensed contractor who has the opposite of Tim's outgoing personality - Al is more reserved, quiet and less enthusiastic about their projects.


Which famous actress was the first Tool Time Girl?

Pamela Anderson portrayed Lisa the Tool Time Girl in 48 episodes during seasons 1, 2 and 6. She left the show to focus on her role in Baywatch.


What is the name of Tim's wife?

Jill Taylor is played by actress Patricia Richardson. She is the only other character besides Tim who appeared in every episode of the entire series.


Which of the following is NOT one of the sons of Tim and Jill?

The three boys from oldest to youngest were Brad, Randy and Mark. Brad and Randy always picked on little brother Mark.


Teenage heartthrob Zachery Ty Bryan played the role of which brother?

Zachery Ty Bryan received a Young Artist Award in 1994 and 1999 for his role in Home Improvement as well as a Young Star Award in 1999.


Which Home Improvement actor later went on to record the voice of Simba in The Lion King?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas won the 1998 Kids' Choice Award Blimp Award for Favorite Television Actor for his performance as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement.


Which actor played the role of the youngest brother Mark Taylor?

Taran Noah Smith started acting in Home Improvement when he was just 7 years old, and the show ended when he was 16. At age 17, he married Heidi van Pelt who was 16 years his senior!


Which character never reveals the lower half of his face to the audience?

Wilson's full character name was Wilson Wilson Jr. He finally revealed his full face in the series finale.


Which character was known for always wearing flannel?

Al Borland said he always wore flannel as a tribute to his late father.


Marty and Jeff Taylor are Tim's _________.

Their order of birth from oldest to youngest is Jeff, Tim, Marty.


Who married his girlfriend Trudy in the series finale?

After breaking up with Dr. Ilene Markham to whom he was once engaged, Al met Trudy in season 7 and married her at the end of season 9.


Which actor played the role of Wilson Wilson Jr?

Earl Hindman died of lung cancer in 2003 - he is best remembered for his role as Wilson Wilson Jr.


Who was Heidi Keppert?

Heidi Keppert often showed much cleavage during Tool Time episodes - Tim speculated that many men came to the show just to see her!


Who is the owner of Harry's Hardware store?

Harry Turner was a recurring character played by actor Blake Clark. He appeared in 24 episodes throughout seasons 4-8.


Which former US president once appeared on an episode of Home Improvement?

Jimmy Carter appeared on the episode "Eve of Construction" during season 3. This episode brought awareness to national nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity, with which Carter is highly involved.


Which former late-night television host made two separate appearances on Home Improvement?

Jay Leno appeared with his car collection in the season 4 episode "Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?" Four years later, he appeared in the episode "Home Alone."


Which Taylor son left for an environmental study program in Costa Rica?

Randy Taylor was written out of the series in the eighth season by leaving for Costa Rica. In real life, he was leaving to focus on academics.


Which cast member more recently stars as Mike Baxter in another ABC sitcom Last Man Standing?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas guest-starred on Last Man Standing as "Randy" his old character from Home Improvement!


What is the opening theme song of Home Improvement?

Iron John's Rock was written by composer Dominik Hauser.


Where does Home Improvement take place?

Tim Taylor loves his local Detroit sports teams!


Which Taylor son has the best relationship with their mother Jill?

Since his two older brothers taunt him so much, Mark who is much younger seems to have the best relationship with Jill.


What line does the Tool Girl say at the beginning of each episode of Tool Time?



What is the name of the company that sponsors Tool Time?

"We'll be right back after a word from Binford Tools."


When Tim makes a smart comment on Tool Time, what is commonly Al's response?

This line is a running gag on Home Improvement, always followed by an audience laugh!


On which network did Home Improvement air?

For all 8 seasons, Home Improvement aired on ABC and was later syndicated on other networks such as Disney-ABC, TBS, Nick, and The Hallmark Channel.


What is the name of Tim's buddy who hangs out at Harry's Hardware store?

Benny Baroni was a recurring character played by Jimmy Labriola. He appeared in 16 episodes from 1994-1999.


In which year did Home Improvement premiere on television?

Home Improvement premiered on September 17, 1991 and had 18 million viewers in its first season!


Who does Tim generally go to for advice?

Wilson serves as the all-wise sage on Home Improvement. He has a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies. He often greets Tim with, "Well, hi-dee-ho" or "Hi ho, there neighbor!"


Who comes from a military family?

Jill's father was a Colonel in the US Army.


For how many seasons did Home Improvement air?

Home Improvement aired for 8 seasons, ending on May 25, 1999.


Which famous band appeared on Home Improvement as Wilson's cousins?

The Beach Boys appeared as themselves in the season 6 episode The Karate Kid Returns.


What is the running time of each episode of Home Improvement?

Each episode was 22 minutes long. With 8 minutes of commercials, Home Improvement fills a 30 minute TV-block.


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