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Your home's lighting is not based solely on sunlight exposure and the number of lamps you own. You can do a lot to modify how the lighting in your home is distributed. Do you know how to make best use of your home's space? Take our quiz and learn how to energize the light in your home.

How much of your available sunlight should you use?

When it comes to sunlight, the more the better. It's healthy and free, so you should take full advantage of it.


If you want to improve the lighting in your room, which of these window treatments should you use?

By hanging sheer window treatments you can maximize your use of sunlight without risking overexposure.


Which of these can you mount to the walls of your rooms to reflect natural light?

By placing mirrors in strategic locations you can actually increase the amount of sunlight that gets into your home.


Which of these colors most effectively reflects light?

When it comes to brightening up a room, nothing beats white.


Rather than paint all the walls white, how can you make use of this energizing color?

A good collection of white accents can brighten up your entire home. Try displaying white china, using white pictures frames, and even white book cases.


Which of these produces softer, more natural looking light?

Incandescent bulbs burn hot and yellow. Florescent bulbs tend to have a cooler and more natural looking light.


What should you display in your china cabinet to really brighten up a room?

Tastefully displayed white ceramics and china can add a lot of light to a room.


Which parts of the house should you paint white?

By painting your doorframes and moldings white you can make use of the color in a way that isn't overbearing.


Which of these vibrant colors themes really helps brighten up a room?

Shades of yellow and orange can add a splash of color that accentuates the natural light in your home.


How can you use water to improve lighting?

By filling some glasses with different colored water and placing them on the window sill, you can make a beautiful display of light for all to enjoy.


Which sorts of lampshades help brighten up a room?

Rather than go for the dark and gloomy sort, why not get lighter colored lamp shades? They can make a huge difference.


How does clutter effect lighting?

When a room is cluttered it always seems darker. Free up some space and allow light shine into all the corners of the room.


When decorating your walls with art, which of these makes best use of space.

Clusters of art can distract the eye, and block natural light. Try one well-placed piece instead.


What type of glue should you use for paper-mache?

When making paper-mache you should stick to decoupage glue.


At what point while making a paper-mache wall sconce should you pop the balloon?

Until the glue has completely dried you need the balloon to keep the molding in place.


When making a paper-mache wall sconce, to what should you apply the decoupage glue?

You will apply the glue to the cheese cloth that's around the inflated balloon, and then lay the paper onto the glue. When the paper has molded and the glue has dried, you can pop the balloon and pull it out.


Approximately how long does it take for a paper-mache project to dry?

Decoupage glue dries in about two hours. If you need to you can expedite the process with a blow drier on a low setting.


What sort of light should you use inside of a paper-mache wall sconce?

Paper-mache will work best with a battery operated LED light. Never use paper-mache for candles or hot light bulbs.


What is the purpose of using patina when revamping a mirror?

Patina acts like an aging mechanism on exposed glass. The longer the glass is exposed to it, the darker and more antique the glass will seem.


What should you use to remove metal from a mirror?

Non-toxic metal remover is the safest way to remove metal from a mirror.


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