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For those who work from home, one of the major problems is organizing your storage needs. If you are a naturally well-organized person, that's great -- but the rest of us need some good ideas. Check out this quiz to see how you can improve your storage organizing abilities.

Why be organized?

Being organized will help you get things done on time.


What should you do about the never-ending flow of incoming paper?

File things well so you can easily access any particular piece of paper you need.


Should you organize bills in any particular way?

If you don't pay bills on receipt, but wait to pay them closer to the due date, catalogue them according to urgency.


If you find you need more storage space, what would be an economical solution?

Readily available and inexpensive storage boxes are readily available at stationery shops and home improvement stores.


Would you use jewelry boxes?

Why not? They stack easily and look good.


Is it a good idea to mark the storage boxes clearly?

Marking the boxes would make finding things easier.


Does a normal jumble of cords present a problem?

It can be if you need to unplug one of the appliances.


What is the most efficient way of identifying the cord of a particular appliance?

Add a label each cord near the plug.


If you were given four baskets, how could you use them to make life easier in your home office?

You could divide your mail into four categories: bills, correspondence, outgoing mail and junk mail.


Once you have completely finished with paperwork containing personal information, what should you do with it?

Because it's not safe to simply throw it away, you should shred it.


How can you efficiently cut down on piles of paper?

Go paperless. Get your bills and faxes on line and don't print anything you don't need to.


Assuming you save your documents as electronic data, is it safe enough to store that data only on you home computer?

A computer can be hacked into, stolen or suffer mechanical failure, it is best to back your data up on an external device.


What is the most readily accessible and cost-efficient backup?

An external hard drive is an inexpensive and portable solution.


How can you use the walls to get organized?

You can paint them with chalkboard paint and write everything you need all over the walls.


Do you think the previous solution was a really good one?

Only if you want to work in a gray or green environment!


Is there any real advantage to the chalkboard idea?

Well, it's really hard to lose a wall.


How can you organize your electronic gadgets?

An electronic valet (a box containing outlets with space for chargers) will keep your electronic gadgets together, charging and organized.


Is there anything from a workshop that could help you organize?

A pegboard is normally used to hang hammers, screwdrivers and other tools, but could be adapted easily to hang rulers, scissors, tape and other common office equipment.


Assuming you go for something like a pegboard, what do you do about things that don't have holes?

If you attach a small box to the pegboard you can store papers and other objects.


What would you do with old magazines apart from throwing them out?

Putting them in magazine storage boxes is a neat, efficient solution.


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