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Although some storms pop up without warning, others -- like hurricanes -- can be tracked for days so there are steps you can take to minimize the damage to your home and property. Take our quiz and see if you know what they are.

When a hurricane is approaching, you should head to the local hardware store to buy plywood to protect your windows.

You should have the plywood ready to go even before a storm is approaching. If you wait until the last minute, you and thousands of others will be clamoring for the few pieces left.


Taping windows is a good idea.

Experts say tape is not going to stop your neighbor’s garbage can from flying through your kitchen window at 100 miles an hour.


When a storm strikes, you should NOT be in a room with windows.

The farther you get from a window, the safer you will be.


Remove dead or weak trees before a storm.

Trees can cause considerable damage. Cut dead limbs and branches off.


Building a "safe room" is useless.

Home shelters safe lives. If you don’t have a storm safe room, head to the basement or in an interior room or closet in the middle of the floor.


It’s important to anchor your major appliances.

Purchase “L-shaped” brackets from the hardware storm and secure appliances to the walls or countertops.


Furnaces and water heaters don’t need to be secured.

Watch out for any hazards, but secure these babies to the wall or floor.


Before a storm, you don't need to pick up tools, toys or other debris near your home.

Pick everything up outside of your house. Wind-whipped tools, toys, chairs and tables can be deadly.


Trees can mitigate storm damage.

Strong, tall trees can provide a natural windbreak, but be sure to remove dead limbs and trim the healthy trees.


Impact-resistant glass is not worth the expense.

If possible, you should replace your older windows and glass doors with impact-resistant glass.


Bring your grill's propane tank inside the house.

A loose, blowing propane tank is a bomb waiting to explode. Don't bring it in the house, however. Try to secure the tank outside as best as possible.


Get your tools in order before the storm.

Put fresh gas in your chain saw, and keep your other tools in good working condition. You’re going to need them.


You don't have to know how to shut off your home's gas.

It’s important to know how to turn off any propane, natural gas and electricity that runs to your home.


Hurricane straps are useless.

These metal straps can hold the roof frame to the walls of the house.


Make sure the plywood you buy is securely attached to your home.

This is a no-brainer, but poorly attached plywood is likely to blow off, especially in hurricane conditions.


Make sure your neighbors secure their lawn furniture.

You don’t want your neighbor’s grill or patio table to land in your living room.


Practice putting your storm shutters up before a storm.

That way if they’re damaged or you need new hardware, you can take care of those things before a storm arrives.


Doors should have at least three hinges.

The extra third hinge will help anchor the door.


Install temporary center garage door supports.

Because of their size, garage doors are highly susceptible to wind damage. The center supports can easily be removed.


Don’t worry about the gravel in your driveway, or any other rocky landscaping material.

Replace any gravel or rock in your gardens with shredded mulch.


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