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With a little research and a bit of know-how, anybody can be prepared to make their own home repairs. From woods to paints to adhesives, it's amazing how much you can take care of in your home once you know what materials you need and where to buy them. Check out your knowledge of home repair materials with this quiz.

Why are the cross-section dimensions of lumber larger than the actual dimensions?

The cross-section dimensions are always calculated before the lumber is surfaced.


What is a board foot?

A board foot is a standard unit of measurement: one foot long by one foot wide by one inch thick (30.5cm by 30.5cm by 2.5cm).


Why would you want to buy plywood that's only perfect on one side?

If you're doing a job where you'll only see one side of the plywood, you can save money on a piece that's good on only one side.


What are the advantages of plywood over lumber?

Plywood is strong, rigid and lightweight. It also measures the same -- both nominal weight and actual weight.


What is another name for drywall?

Drywall is also known as gypsum wallboard and it is an easier material to use than plaster.


Why are some nails coated?

Some nails come with a coating (blued, cemented or galvanized) in order to prevent rusting and to boost their holding power.


How much of a nail should be driven into the base material?

It is ideal for more than two-thirds of the nail to be driven into the base material.


If nails are sold by the pound, the smaller the nail, the:

There are more nails in a pound of small nails than in a pound of big nails, which weigh more.


What are wood screws commonly made of?

They're mostly made of steel, although some are made of nickel, brass, copper or bronze.


What do you use stove bolts for?

Stove bolts, despite their misleading name, are used for all kinds of fastening jobs; they're quite versatile.


If you want to glue laminate to a piece of wood using contact cement, where do you apply the glue?

Contact cement is always applied to two surfaces, which are clamped together.


Which of these are downsides to polyurethane glue?

Polyurethane glue is expensive and it has a relatively short shelf-life.


Some glues can withstand extremes of temperatures. Which of these can do so?

Silicone rubber adhesive can withstand temperature extremes.


What is the difference between cyanoacrylate and super glue in terms of bonding power?

Hope you weren't stuck on this one -- cyanoacrylate is the technical name for super glue.


Why are high-gloss interior paints more durable than, say, semi-gloss?

High-gloss paints are high in resin content, therefore they're more durable.


Which paint would you use on your ceiling?

Textured paint is great for ceilings, and so are dripless and acoustic paints for that matter.


Why can't you use a primer on bare wood?

Using a primer on bare wood is a recipe for potential disaster. The primer has some water content, which might seep into the grain and raise it.


How do you clean up after using latex paint?

You simply use soap and water.


What sort of weather conditions are good for chalking paint?

Fairly rainy weather is good for chalking paint. If it's too rainy, the rain itself will keep the paintwork fresh so you don't need chalking paint; if it's too dry, the paint tends to look dull. You need a happy medium.


What do these have in common: bastard, smooth and wood rasp?

These names are references to types of files used for smoothing wood.


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