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You need some big decorating ideas for your spatially challenged home. Take this quiz and see how to put home spaces decorating ideas to good use.

What functional use does a foyer or entrance hall have?

The foyer (a.k.a. entrance hall) is your first entry to the house. It also happens to be where you offload coats and baggage.


Your home is a formal one. What should your foyer look like?

Your foyer is a clue to what lies beyond. Keep it formal as well, perhaps with a chandelier.


Which of these are important considerations for the design of your home spaces?

Don't ignore your friends' opinions totally, but when it boils down to it, design your home spaces while bearing in mind their function, your taste, the spaces involved and your budget.


How does the "trompe l'oeil" technique help for tight spaces?

This French term means to trick the eye. It's an excellent technique for tight spaces, because you can paint the effect of space even where there isn't any; for example, an expansive, airy scene.


Entrance halls can look inviting and relaxing. What could create this mood?

To create an inviting, relaxing mood, you could place a small table, a comfortable armchair and a lamp in the entrance.


How do you fight your worst home enemy, dust, and win?

Never give up. Your enemy is defeated if you avoid open shelves and use ones with glass doors.


It's time to transform your cheerless attic into a guestroom. But how do you instill cheer?

Build a skylight. This will let in both air and light and make your old attic into an airy, cheerful haven.


Regarding entrance halls, feng shui experts believe:

Feng shui experts see the entrance hall as the source of energy that affects your entire home.


In wet climates, what flooring is suitable for your entrance hall?

If you can't avoid the wet, be practical. Use tiled flooring for easy maintenance.


Is there hope for a small attic? Can it be put to good use in a renovated home?

You can certainly make use of an attic, even a small one. Use white wall paint, skylights and ample built-in storage.


What sort of professional could help you design your renovation plans?

The best person for the job would be an architect or space planner.


What purpose does a hallway or corridor serve?

A hallway is an area with an important function. It gets you from place to place within your home.


Which of these would give excitement to a long hallway or corridor?

Any corridor can look exciting with a bit of ingenuity. Try romantic candles at night and rich-red brick floors.


What is popular for laundry-room décor these days?

Gone are the days of laundry dungeons. Today, they're bright, light and have happy wall decorations, too.


If space allows, what could you put inside your laundry room for folding and stacking purposes?

Provided you have room, use a table or counter top for folding and stacking.


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