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It's college football Saturday, and games from all over the country are on. You could gear up, grab a cold drink and some snacks and watch the games on your living room television. What's the fun in that, though, especially when thousands of other fans are loading up their cars and heading to some of the best football stadiums around the country? Maybe you'll think to grab a ticket next time. 

After all, there is just something about a college football stadium; the roaring fans, the atmosphere, the cool fall weather. It's why college football is one of the most popular sports in the country and why the stadiums are constantly packed with students, alumni and tons of other fans who root for the two teams playing. If you're a true college football fan, being on-site for a game is worth both the time and the money. 

How well do you know college football stadiums all around the United States? If we give you the name of a home stadium, do you think you can tell us which football team plays there? Here's your chance to find out. 

If you think you're a college football expert or even if you're just a casual fan looking for a challenge, get started with this quiz and see if you can match the college football team to the stadium! 

One of the most storied programs in college football, which team calls Bryant-Denny Stadium home?

Alabama lays claim to 17 national championships. They won five of those since 2009, more than any other team in college football.


Which team that Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones once played for calls Donald W. Reynolds Stadium home?

Donald W. Reynolds was a philanthropist known for The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. The foundation provides charity for numerous programs from journalism to cardiovascular clinical research.


Which college football team calls Spartan Stadium home?

Spartan Stadium replaced Old College Field in 1923. The stadium was originally named College Field which was later changed to Macklin Field in 1935 and Macklin Stadium 1948.


Known as the "Sea of Red," which Big Ten team plays in Memorial Stadium?

Nebraska played its first game at Memorial Stadium on October 13, 1923. In their first game in the stadium, the Cornhuskers defeated Oklahoma 24-0.


A school still searching for its first national championship, which team calls Williams-Brice Stadium home?

Known as "The Head Ball Coach," Steve Spurrier retired from South Carolina as the winningest head coach in the school's history. He also led the team to its only SEC Championship Game.


Known as the "Home of the 12th Man," which team plays in Kyle Field?

Located in College Station, Kyle Field is the fourth largest stadium in college football. It's also the largest stadium in the SEC, with a seating capacity of over 102,000.


With one of the most explosive teams in college football, which team calls Owen Field home?

Lincoln Riley is the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. Riley is regarded as one of the best offensive minds in the business, attracting NFL coaches in the offseason looking to mimic his strategy.


Which college football team from Ohio plays in Ohio Stadium?

Ohio Stadium is nicknamed "The Horseshoe" because it was originally built in the shape of a horseshoe. The stadium has been home to the Ohio State Buckeyes since 1922.


Opened in 1929, which team plays in Kinnick Stadium?

Iowa had its most success as a football program in the late '50s. During that era, the school won three national championships with the first coming in 1956.


Known as "Death Valley," which team calls Frank Howard Field home?

Clemson won its second national championship in 2016. Guided by Deshaun Watson, the team defeated Alabama 35-31.


One of the largest stadiums in football, which team calls Neyland Stadium home?

Neyland Stadium opened in 1921 as Shields-Watkins Field. Today, it is the fifth largest stadium in the United States.


Which team from Texas calls Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium home?

The University of Texas' stadium opened in 1924 as War Memorial Stadium. The stadium has also been called Memorial Stadium and Texas Memorial Stadium.


Named after Johnny Vaught and William Hemingway, which team plays in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium?

Ole Miss plays their cross-state rival Mississippi State each year in the Egg Bowl. Ole Miss leads the series by a wide margin.


The college team of Texans player J.J. Watt, which team calls Camp Randall Stadium home?

In 2018, Wisconsin won the 700th football game in school history. Only 25 other college football programs have accomplished that feat.


One of the fiercest​ stadiums in college football, which team calls Lane Stadium home?

Lane Stadium is regarded as one of the most intimidating places to play in all of college football. ESPN even ranked it number 2 in their "Top 10 Scariest​ Places to Play."


Named for the H.J. Heinz Company, which team plays on Heinz Field?

Heinz Field is also home to the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL. The stadium opened in 2001, replacing Three Rivers Stadium.


Which college football team plays in Doak Campbell Stadium?

One of Florida State's biggest rivals is the Miami Hurricanes. This rivalry hit its height in the '80s and '90s as both teams racked up national championships.


One of the most beautiful atmospheres in college football, which team calls Hard Rock Stadium home?

Nicknamed "The U," Miami football came onto the scene in the '80s with attitude and the skill to back it up. During the decade, the school won three national championships under three different head coaches.


Named for Ralph "Shug" Jordan, which team calls Jordan-Hare Stadium home?

Auburn won its second national championship in 2010. That season, the Tigers also produced a Heisman Trophy winner in quarterback Cam Newton.


Originally designed by Atwood & Nash, which team plays in Kenan Memorial Stadium?

Kenan Memorial Stadium opened in 1927 to replace Emerson Field, the school's previous stadium. It is named after William Kenan Jr., a former graduate who donated money to build the stadium.


Once called Commonwealth Stadium, which team calls Kroger Field home?

Kentucky is coached by Mark Stoops. Stoops comes from a family of coaches which includes two of his brothers, Bob Stoops and Mike Stoops.


With a capacity of 60,000, which team plays in Milan Puskar Stadium?

West Virginia has the most victories of any team that's never won a national championship. However, the team does have 15 conference championships split between the Big East Conference and the Southern Conference.


Which college football team plays in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

Florida won two national championships under head coach Urban Meyer. However, Meyer left the team a few years later due to health concerns, but eventually​, he returned to college football when he took the head coaching job at Ohio State University.


Known as "The Ranch," which team plays in Scott Stadium?

Opened in 1931, Scott Stadium is the oldest stadium in Virginia that's still in use. The stadium was built to replace Lambeth Field.


Which team from Michigan calls Michigan Stadium home?

Nicknamed "The Big House," Michigan Stadium is the largest stadium by capacity in college football. It has a seating capacity of over 107,000.


Which California team plays in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum?

USC has produced some of the most talented players to come through college football. More players from USC have been drafted into the NFL than any other school, as well as more first-round draft picks.


The most popular team in its state, which team plays in Sanford Stadium?

Georgia hired former Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart as their head coach in 2016. In only his second season with the Dawgs, Smart led the team to the College Football Playoff but lost to his former team, Alabama.


Constructed in 1996, which team calls Raymond James Stadium home?

USF shares its stadium with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The stadium is known for hosting the College Football National Championship in 2017.


A stadium with AstroTurf, which college football team calls Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium home?

Kansas State's stadium is named after head coach Bill Snyder. Snyder was the head coach at Kansas State from 1989 until 2005 and came back to the program in 2009. He still serves as the head coach.


Opened in 1920, which team calls Boone Pickens Stadium home?

One of the greatest players in Oklahoma State history was Barry Sanders. Sanders would have an exceptional career in the NFL but not before winning the Heisman Trophy while at Oklahoma State.


Replacing the old Riddick Stadium, which team plays in Carter-Finley Stadium?

NC State was a founding member of the ACC in 1953. The team has won seven ACC titles since joining the conference.


Located on the West Coast, which team calls Autzen Stadium home?

The Oregon football program is known for its flashy uniforms which change almost game to game. The uniforms are used as a recruiting tool for top talent around the country.


A school that recently changed football conferences, which team plays in Faurot Field?

From 1996 until 2011, Missouri was part of the Big 12 Conference. As college football realignment grew, the team moved to the SEC where they play in the Eastern division.


Opened in 1975, which college team calls Jack Trice Stadium home?

Iowa State played its first sanctioned season of football in 1894. The team went 6-1 that season, which included a victory over their cross-state rival Iowa.


An on-campus stadium, which college football team plays in Davis Wade Stadium?

David Wade Stadium is the second oldest stadium in the Football Bowl Subdivision. The stadium opened in 1914 as New Athletic Field, and it received its current name in 2001.


Once named after the state, which team plays in Folsom Field?

Colorado has been a member of the Pac 12 since 2011. The team was previously a member of the Big 12 which it joined in 1996.


One of many teams known as the Tigers, which team plays in Tiger Stadium?

Tiger Stadium is one of the most troublesome places to play for opposing teams. For its reputation, the stadium has earned the nickname "Death Valley."


Which college football team calls Bobby Dodd Stadium home?

Opened in 1913, Bobby Dodd Stadium is the oldest stadium in the Football Bowl Subdivision. It has also seen more home wins than any other FBS stadium.


Styled with Spanish Renaissance architecture, which team plays in Jones AT&T Stadium?

Texas Tech's football program started in 1925. The team has won over 500 games since then with 11 conference titles.


A school trying to move on from the sins of its past, which college football team plays in Beaver Stadium?

Joe Paterno took over the head coaching position at Penn State in 1966. He remained in the position until 2011, when a child molestation scandal involving a former assistant coach tarnished his position as a leader of young men.


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