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When it comes down to it, the most important part of selling your home isn't the market value, It's the work you put into making your home inviting to visitors while on the market. Take this quiz to test your home staging knowledge.

It's important to make your kitchen look "livable" by staging your appliances in an everyday way: A toaster oven, coffeepot and blender complete an inviting mealtime look.

Buyers are more interested in finding space for all their own stuff and less in seeing yours. Emphasize your counter space by keeping it clear of all clutter, including your everyday items.


While your house is listed, it's best to mow your lawn:

Your lawn is often the first thing people notice, and it contributes directly to your curb appeal. Cut it weekly -- on the diagonal to make a smaller yard seem larger -- and water it 30 minutes before an appointment to make it sparkle.


Before putting your house on the market, estimate this much for staging expenses.

Professional stagers and real estate agents estimate spending 1 to 3 percent of your final asking price to get the best staging results.


If your kitchen's out of date, it's worth the cost to do a full renovation and replace all your appliances. You'll make that money back on the asking price.

Staged rooms are almost always preferable to renovation projects, as nearly no project makes its money back in the short term, and you probably won't recoup the full amount. Essentially, you're paying for someone else to enjoy those new features.


When staging a bathroom, it's important to keep any and every sign of your house's inhabitants out of the line of sight: no used towels, shower products or toothpaste.

Stage bathrooms by setting out luxurious and pampering products, but don't use them. The effect should be that of a well-organized, great-smelling spa or meditation space.


When directing flow from the dining room to an adjoining family room, it's best to separate the two spaces with what?

For staging purposes, you should make traffic flow as easy as possible. It's only important to suggest conversation spaces and nooks, not actually create them. Make sure your lanes of flow are at least 18 inches (46 centimeters) in every direction.


Deep, dramatic colors work well in a bathroom.

It's important to show every room as brightly as possible, and your bathroom must appear sparkling clean. Keep the color scheme simple, light and neutral. You can add interest or intrigue with fresh flowers and greenery, lovely scents and stacks of folded linens.


When arranging decorative objects, it's best to group them how?

Realtors agree nearly universally on the "Rule of Three," in which objects or knickknacks should always be arranged in triplets. Vary them in size, color, texture and depth, and make sure that the largest or visually heaviest items are in the back of the group.


The master bedroom is a shared domain and must be staged to reflect both partners and both sexes.

The master bedroom is the most personal room in the house, and if properly staged, it gives your buyers the chance to imagine themselves fitting into the space. That means keeping it simple, gender-nonspecific, and free of clutter and excess decor.


When staging a bedroom, what's the most important thing to emphasize?

The key words for a master bedroom are simplicity, comfort and austerity. Buyers must be allowed to imagine themselves there on a Sunday morning, without a care in the world -- and that means leaving your photos, clothes and other personal items out of it.


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