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Buying a house is a bit easier these days thanks to technology. There are now so many tools to aid us in the process that we can do much of the work from home. Check out our quiz to see what you know about these high-tech tools for home buying.

How much do most real estate apps on the iTunes App Store cost?

Most real estate apps are free, or cost just 99 cents!


What online map service includes a "real estate" feature that lets you search for houses for sale?

The real estate feature in Google Maps lists homes for sale by geographic location.


What real estate company, now focused on making mobile apps, was awarded a patent in the field of mobile GPS real estate search way back in 2000?

Smarter Agent was in the mobile real estate business long before smart phone apps were popular.


What online map service includes a "bird's-eye view" for an angled, rather than strictly top-down, look at buildings?

Microsoft's Bing Maps engine provides a different way to look at satellite imagery with an isometric angle.


Which smart phone operating system allows you to try an application for 24 hours and receive a refund if you don't want to keep it?

Google's Android marketplace allows you to delete an app within 24 hours and not pay for it if you decide you don't want it.


Point-and-shoot digital cameras are perfect for taking pictures of a house to review later. How much does the average point-and-shoot cost?

A quick search online will reveal a huge selection of point-and-shoot digital cameras under $100.


How many iPhone apps categorized as "real estate" are in the iTunes App Store?

As of November 2010, there are more than 800 real estate apps on the iTunes App Store.


What is the name of the U.S. government's official sex offender registry?

The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Web site (NSOPW) is the government's official registry.


What non-government Web site also provides sex offender information?

Family Watchdog is an independent sex offender registry not affiliated with the government.


Which online real estate search service will match you with a local agent, and prides itself on a 15 percent or 50 percent commission refund?

Redfin uses its commission refund and method of matching users with agents as a way to distinguish itself from other real estate sites.


Real estate search sites often advertise that they have houses from the MLS. What does MLS stand for?

The Multiple Listing Service is the online database of properties that most realty sites draw on.


How much does it cost to register an account at popular real estate Web site Zillow.com?

Like many real estate sites, Zillow offers free accounts to its users.


Which site ranks No. 1 on the tracking site Alexa.com as the most popular real estate Web site?

Zillow reigns as the most popular real estate site as of November 2010.


One of these real estate Web sites highlights a "blog of the week" from a real estate expert. Which is it?

Trulia's blog section highlights an expert real estate blog every week.


Which real estate search Web site requires you to register an account before viewing information and photos from properties for sale?

A free account is necessary on Ziprealty to access much of the site's content.


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