Quiz: Honda or Acura: 93% of People Can't Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?
Honda or Acura: 93% of People Can't Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Gizmo Times/SUPER CAR/PerformanceCars/Autonovelties via Youtube

About This Quiz

Is the father still leading the son or has the student surpassed the master?

Honda and Acura are both automotive brands that have a relationship that is similar to father and son. This is because Honda is the parent brand while Acura is the child brand or subsidiary; this means that this quiz is bound to get tricky when it comes to matching the car to the brand! As a result of this relationship, there is no real competition between both brands and this is even clearer when you take a look at the type of vehicles that Honda produced versus the vehicles that Acura produces.

Out of the two brands, Acura is by far the one that has a narrower focus, since it primarily deals with luxury and high-performance vehicles. Acura is notable for being Japan's very first dedicated automotive brand; however, the brand itself is still fairly young, being only a little over 30 years old. On the other hand, Honda is well over twice the age of Acura and has a wider focus; from cars and SUVs to motorcycles and even aircraft!

So, shift your focus to the east and let's shift gears and take on this "Honda or Acura" quiz!

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