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The NCAA basketball title is one of the most coveted championships in all sports. Just getting to the title game is an accomplishment -- and actually winning the title is something only the most battle-hardened teams manage. How much do you know about the NCAA men's championship?

In what year was the first men's basketball championship game played?

The first championship game was played in 1939, as the World War II era began. In that game, Oregon beat Ohio State, 46-33.


How many times have the Ohio State Buckeyes reached the title game?

The Buckeyes have made it to the championship final five times, most recently in 2007 under coach Thad Matta. They won once, in a 1960 victory over California.


Which team has won the most NCAA championships?

In the 60s and 70s, UCLA was nearly unstoppable. The school has a total of 11 national titles.


Beginning in 1967, how many consecutive titles did UCLA win?

The number seems almost ridiculous -- UCLA won seven titles in a row and 10 in just 12 years.


Jacksonville made it to the title game. To which team did Jacksonville lose?

Jacksonville was just one of many teams victimized by UCLA in the championship game. They lost by 11 in the 1970 title matchup.


Which team did coach Rollie Massimino lead to a title in 1985?

Massimino's Villanova team was a huge underdog to Georgetown in 1985, but 'Nova beat the Hoyas by one basket to win the title. That year's Georgetown team featured future NBA star Patrick Ewing.


When was the last time a title game went into overtime?

In the 2008 title game, Kansas and Memphis were tied at the end of regulation. Kansas triumphed in overtime, 75-68.


Which Missouri Valley Conference team has won a national championship?

In 1963, Loyola Chicago blazed to a 23-2 regular season record and then won the title by defeating the defending champs -- Cincinnati.


How many times has Houston played in the title game?

The Cougars have made it to the title game just twice, and they did it two years in a row -- 1983 and 84. They lost both games.


Which school has the second-most titles?

Kentucky is doing it's best to catch UCLA's record of 11 titles -- the Wildcats have eight.


Steve Fisher was the head coach of Michigan for how many national title games?

Fisher led the Wolverines to three title games in five years. He won the 1989 game but lost in 1992 and 1993.


Which team did Kentucky beat to win the 1998 title?

Utah made just its second appearance ever in the 1998 game, but it was in vain -- Kentucky won, 78-69.


How many national titles has Florida won?

The Gators have two titles -- and they won them back-to-back, in 2006 and 2007.


Which team did NOT beat Michigan in one of the title games of the 1990s?

Michigan made the title game in both 1992 and 1993 and lost both, to Duke and then North Carolina.


Which state has the most national title teams to its credit?

The 1963 title by the Loyola Ramblers is the only championship claimed by any of these three states. Illinois has been home to multiple standout teams, but just one that won the biggest game.


When was the last time Cincinnati won a national title?

Bearcats fans have watched a lot of great Cincinnati teams come and go since 1962 -- the last time the team came out on top.


Which conference has the most national titles to its credit?

The PAC-12 is tied with the ACC at 16 total titles. The PAC-12's record, of course, is buoyed mostly by UCLA's amazing run of championships.


Which team did Nolan Richardson coach to a title in 1994?

Richardson's 1994 Arkansas team broke the streak of titles won by major basketball schools. In the title game, the Razorbacks beat Duke, 76-72.


When was the last time Oklahoma won a national title?

The Sooners consistently put together solid teams but rarely break through. They haven't won the title since 1946, and they won it in 1945, too.


How many times has Butler appeared in the title game?

Butler overcame all of the doubters and appeared in two straight national title games (2010-11) but couldn't win it all. In the 2010 game, the team lost by just two points to Duke.


Where did Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski play college basketball?

Krzyzewski played guard at Army … under legendary coach Bob Knight. Krzyzewski has five NCAA titles as a coach, the second most ever to UCLA coach John Wooden.


Which team did Duke beat to win the 2015 title?

Bo Ryan led a powerful Wisconsin squad to the 2015 title game against Duke. The Badgers lost by just five points.


Which Big Ten team has the most titles?

Indiana has won five titles, the most of any Big Ten team. Michigan State has the second most, with two.


How many title games have gone into triple overtime?

In the decades since the first title game (1939), the championship has gone to triple overtime just once. That game happened in 1957.


Which team won the only triple-overtime championship game in NCAA history?

In 1957, North Carolina squared off with Kansas for one of the craziest games in NCAA title history. The Tarheels prevailed in three overtimes by a score of 54-53.


Which team did Jimmy Valvano lead to a title in 1983?

Against all odds, Valvano coached N.C. State to the title game and a victory in 1983. The team beat a heavily-favored Houston squad, 54-52.


What was N.C. State's regular season record before winning the 1983 title?

The Wolfpack was just 17-10 during the regular season, making their postseason run all the more remarkable.


When did UCLA last win the title?

The Bruins won it all in 1995, breaking a 20-year drought. Since then, UCLA hasn't managed another title.


How many national title games have gone into overtime?

Since 1939, just six title games have gone into overtime, and one into triple overtime. The most recent overtime game saw Kansas beating Memphis in 2008.


In 1997, Arizona won the title in overtime. Which team did the Wildcats beat?

Coach Lute Olson led Arizona to an 84-79 overtime victory over Kentucky. It was Arizona's only NCAA title.


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