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Sure, you've bathed your mind in the blood of a thousand slasher movies, but is your memory sharp enough to recall each monstrous killer's weapon of choice? Can you remember how effective they were? It's time to put your horror knowledge to the test.

Let's start with a super easy one. Freddy Krueger employs the limitless potential of dreams to kill and terrorize his victims. But he's also partial to a particular weapon. What is it?

Let's hope you got that one. The iconic killer from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" even brandished those deadly fingers in a 1988 hip-hop music video for the Fat Boys.


Jason Voorhees kills a LOT of people in the "Friday the 13th" franchise, and he uses everything from his bare hands to an electric guitar to do it. But what’s the masked madman's weapon of choice?

Jason isn't shy about driving a spear through a promiscuous teenager or two, but the machete is by far his most favorite weapon.


You remember Leatherface, right? Which of the following weapons does the plus-sized butcher use to rack up the most kills in 1974's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?"

Yep, despite Leatherface's love of chain saw-based shenanigans, his sledgehammer murders top saw murders two to one. The chain saw became his favored instrument in most of the other films, save "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation," which featured two sledgehammer deaths and zero chain saw murders.


Rapper Ghostface Killah slays audiences with his Wu-Tang rhymes, while "Scream" slasher Ghostface employs a more literal strategy. What's his weapon of choice?

No matter who's behind the mask, Ghostface tends to shy away from kitchen utensils. He (or she) prefers the hunting knife.


In the "Saw" horror franchise, Jigsaw and his followers unleash more traps than you can shake a booby-trapped stick at. Of all his twisted murder gadgets, the reverse bear trap is the only one to show up three times. How many victims does it kill?

The first two victims to don the reverse bear trap escaped with their jaws still (mostly) intact. The third person, however, wasn't so lucky.


Michael Myers flirts with creative murder weapons in the "Halloween" franchise, but he always comes back to his first love. Which is it?

Myers leans toward the kitchen knife for his kills, perhaps because they're so easy to come by. Or is he just a "Psycho" fanboy at heart?


If you ever perused a ‘90s video store, you probably remember the VHS covers for the "Slumber Party Massacre" series. What was the killer's murder weapon?

The "Slumber Party Massacre" killer clearly HATED slumber parties and LOVED power drills. What a sourpuss.


The villainous cenobite Pinhead tends to delegate, but he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty in the "Hellraiser" series. What are the tools of his trade for this British monster?

For the most part, the pins are just for show. When everyone's favorite S&M nightmare has to kill someone, he tends to get dramatic with flying chains and barbed hooks.


The 1981 slasher film "The Burning" collected the talents of Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander, Tom Savini, Rick Wakeman and the Weinstein brothers. It also centered on a disfigured killer by the name of Cropsy. What was his favorite weapon?

Cropsy isn't above some flamethrower-powered cinematic payback, but hedge clippers are certainly his go-to weapon. You may remember them from the iconic poster art.


There's a lot of weirdness to go around in the "Phantasm" series. What bizarre weapon does the iconic Tall Man unleash on intruders in his mausoleum?

The Tall Man commands both an army of evil dwarves and a fleet of flying silver balls -- each complete with knives, drills and other nasty killing tools.


Both 1981's "My Bloody Valentine" and 2009's "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" hinge on a deranged killer in a gas mask. What weapon completes the look?

The crazed coal miner in "My Bloody Valentine" fittingly employs a pick axe in his crimes of deranged vengeance. While he certainly has the "bloody" part down pat, he's kind of missing the spirit of the holiday.


In the original 1974 slasher film "Black Christmas," the killer never uses the same weapon twice to spread holiday fear. The 2006 remake, however, makes one item in particular a repeat feature in four separate killings. What is it?

The remake features an ice skate murder, and both films see the lethal use of a toy unicorn. It's the plastic-bag-over-the-head trick, however, that really stands out.


In the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" film franchise, a murderous avenger in a raincoat chases after reckless teen drivers. He gets a certain item rather bloody during all of this. What is it?

Tying in nicely with his dockworker's wardrobe, the killer slashes into teens with a longshoreman's hook.


The 1977 horror film "Drive-In Massacre" delivers about what you'd expect: A madman kills people at the drive-in. What does he use to get the job done?

Yeah, the killer totally gets medieval on some folks -- with a giant sword!


"The Prowler" stands as something of an early classic for fans of stylish horror movie gore. Naturally, the film's killer has a favored means of spilling the red. What is it?

While the film does feature a pitchfork murder, the crazed G.I. prefers to stab and slice away with a military-issue bayonet.


Back in 2006, French director Christophe Gans directed a film adaptation of the "Silent Hill" video game series. Naturally, the monstrous Pyramid Head turns up -- but with what weapon?

Known as "the great knife" in the game series, Pyramid Head's massive blade does indeed make it to the silver screen.


Everyone remembers Jack Nicholson's axe rampage in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining," but what was the weapon of choice in Stephen King's original novel and the 1997 TV adaptation?

Yes, both the book and the TV adaptation see Jack Torrance take up the croquet mallet when the haunted house crazies set in.


Clive Barker's "Candyman" is full of urban legend-inspired terror and the music of Philip Glass. What weapon does the titular killer use on his victims?

The Candyman has a hook for a hand, and he's not shy about swinging it around with lethal intent. He's also fond of bees.


The "Leprechaun" horror franchise is unapologetically ridiculous. The pint-sized magical Irishman employs such diverse weapons as a bong, a lightsaber and a go-kart to kill his victims. Yet there's one weapon he uses in not one, not two but THREE separate killings. What is it?

In 1995's "Leprechaun 3," the grotesque sprite goes back to his Irish roots and employs a shillelagh (a traditional Irish club or cudgel) to beat victims to death.


Let's face it: Slasher movie obsession with signature weapons is a little out of hand. The 2008 short film "The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon" satirizes this horror movie cliché. What exactly is the weapon referred to in the title?

The film's sinister Ginosaji relentlessly assails a forensic pathologist for nine years, hitting him with a normal, everyday spoon.


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