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For more than 200 years, the natural spring located in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, has been the destination for people seeking relief from many physical maladies. The high-content mineral water heated deep underground has spawned stylish spas that offer natural cures in one of the smallest parks in the national park system. Take our quiz to learn more about Hot Springs National Park.

In what state is Hot Springs National Park located?

Hot Springs National Park is located in Arkansas. The city of Hot Springs and the park were named for the natural hot spring that bubbles out of the ground there.


What is the size of Hot Springs National Park?

Hot Springs is the smallest national park in the United States.


How many natural hot springs are located within the park's boundaries?

Large volumes of mineral-rich water flow from 47 natural hot springs in the park.


How many gallons of hot water flow from the parks springs daily?

Almost a million gallons of hot water a day flow from the springs in the park. The park service collects, cools, and then supplies this hot water to bathhouses both inside and outside the park.


What is the average temperature of the water as it flows out of the springs?

Water flows at 143 degrees Fahrenheit (62 degrees C) from spring in Hot Springs Mountain. This mountain also has some of the finest hardwood forests in Arkansas.


What is the name of the range of mountains of which Hot Springs Mountain is a part?

The mountain range is called the Ouachita Mountains. This range spans west-central Arkansas, southeastern Oklahoma and northeast Texas.


What is the name of the historic restored spa located on Bathhouse Row where people of yesteryear flocked for therapeutic treatments?

The Fordyce Bathhouse is a restored spa where visitors can see authentic stained-glass windows, assorted statuary, gleaming pipes, and luxurious hot tubs. Patrons of yesteryear undertook three-week therapy regimes of daily hot baths and massages.


What professional sport had several teams that sent their players to Hot Springs, Arkansas to train and soothe sore muscles?

Hot Springs was the premier baseball spring training site from the 1880s-1940s. Many teams, including the Chicago White Socks, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox used Hot Springs for their spring training camps.


How many miles of hiking and bridal trails are within the boundaries of Hot Springs National Park?

This national park offers more than 24 miles (39 kilometers) of hiking and bridle trails that wander through beautiful forests consisting of oak, hickory, flowering dogwood, eastern redbud, southern magnolia, and shortleaf pine.


What is another attraction besides the hot springs for which the park is noted?

The park is nationally known as a birdwatchers paradise. Local birdwatchers have counted almost 150 different species of birds in the hills and valleys of Hot Springs National Park.


What was the name of the great Spanish explorer that enjoyed a bath in the hot springs in 1541?

Hernando de Soto, who lead the first expedition across the southeastern United States, was said to have taken a bath in the hot springs 1541.


What was done in Hot Spring National Park in 1804 under the authority of then president Thomas Jefferson?

The unique properties of the waters were investigated in 1804 under authority of Jefferson.


In what year did former president Andrew Jackson set aside the springs as a special federal reservation?

Jackson set aside the springs as a special federal reservation in 1832, a full 40 years before Yellowstone National Park was created.


What is the name of the historic bathhouse on Bathhouse Row where you can still enjoy a hot spring bath?

Buckstaff Bathhouse is the only bathhouse still in operation on Bathhouse Row (Central Avenue) where anyone can take a natural hot spring bath. Central Avenue still has a multitude of elegant bathhouses modeled after the finest European spas.


In what year did the protected hot springs officially change its designation from a protected area to a national park?

The Hot Springs protected area was established as a national park in 1921, shortly after World War I.


What is the name of the only hot spring in the park that is in its natural state?

The Cascade is the only hot spring in the park that is in its natural state. An alga growing in the water coats the rocks in a bright blue-green.


How many years ago is it believed that the waters flowing from the Cascade likely fell as rain?

The water flowing from the Cascade likely fell as rain as much as 4,000 years ago. The water seeped through fractures in the Earth's surface, heated up as it passed over hot rocks deep within the Earth, and eventually returned to the surface through faults in the rocks.


What is the name given to the white porous rock that is formed of minerals deposited by the hot water springs?

The unusual white porous rock is called tufa. The lower slopes of Hot Springs Mountain were covered with the rock before professional landscapers covered most of it over with tons of dirt, shrubs and grass.


What rate is the rate of growth of new tufa rock created around the outlet of the Cascade spring?

The new tufa rock that is being created by the Cascade hot spring is building up at the rate of one inch every eight years.


What gives the rocks around the Cascade spring its unique blue-green color?

The bright blue-green color on the rock is algae growing on its surface. Algae is the only plant species that can survive in such hot water.


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