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You've scrubbed and sprayed every corner of your house. It's sparkling clean, but it feels a bit like a chemical factory. Take this quiz for a few tips on easy and natural ways to keep your house clean.

How can you avoid the need for powerful chemicals when washing dishes?

Simply soaking your dishes in hot, soapy water for 15 to 30 minutes will soften caked-on food, allowing you to wipe it away easily without the need for strong chemical detergents or abrasive scrubbers that may damage your dishes.


Which of the following is a large part of laundry advertising today?

Laundry products often boast the ability to leave your linen with a fresh scent. These range from cherry blossoms and honeysuckle to ocean breezes and spring showers.


What do manufacturers use to infuse aromas into fabrics?

Both natural and artificial chemicals are used to provide fabrics with an aroma.


How can you naturally create freshly scented laundry?

You may be surprised at how refreshing the scent of laundry that has been dried outdoors can be.


How can you naturally disinfect your countertops?

Wiping your countertops down once a day with undiluted vinegar will disinfect them and leave them smelling fresh.


Which fruit can be used together with baking soda as a natural disinfectant?

Lemon juice mixed with baking soda will achieve the same result as vinegar, but it will cost you a lot of lemons.


How can you prevent your tools from rusting?

Mix one cup of petroleum jelly with a quarter cup of lanolin and melt the mixture over a low heat. Apply this mixture to your tools to prevent them from rusting.


What temperature should the petroleum jelly mixture be when you apply it to your tools?

Allow the mixture to cool after boiling it, but apply it while it is still warm. If some of the mixture is left over you can put it away in a sealed jar, but you will need to warm it up before using it next time.


How long should you leave the lanolin and petroleum jelly mixture on the objects you have coated?

Allow it to dry so that it leaves a protective coating to prevent the objects rusting.


How can you naturally disinfect kitchen sponges and dish rags?

Placing your kitchen sponges and dish rags in boiling water for a few minutes every few days can kill germs on them.


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