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Houston has been described as a city combining big town opportunity with small town ideals, a place with space for everybody. Take our quiz and get a virtual tour of this sprawling and cosmopolitan city.

How many feet above sea level is Houston?

Houston is 43 feet (13 meters) above sea level, just an hour from the Gulf of Mexico, giving it the nickname "Third Coast."


How many bayous run through the city?

There are four major bayous: Buffalo Bayou, Brays Bayou, White Oak Bayou and Sims Bayou.


What is one of the most important words anyone visiting Houston should learn?

It's really a good idea to know what "The Loop" is; the Interstate 610, which encompasses the city's best neighborhoods, restaurants and shopping districts.


What is the best way to get around Houston?

Houston is too large and spread out to be pedestrian friendly; the best way to get around is via car.


How many people live in Houston?

Houston has a population of some two million. As with most American cities, it has areas that are more desirable and less desirable to visit in terms of safety.


What is the average temperature in Houston?

One advantage of being situated so close to the Gulf of Mexico is that it's almost always beach weather: with a humid average temperature of 94 in the summer and low 60s during the winter (34-16 C).


During the summer, what should you carry around with you in the car?

Summer time often brings with it afternoon thunderstorms, especially in Bayou City, so keep an umbrella in the car.


What is Houston's largest airport?

Houston's largest airport is the George Bush International Airport; most travelers use this airport and it has seen more than 40 million visitors since it opened in 2005.


How are taxi fares determined in Houston?

Taxi fares are determined either by flat zone rate or by meter, depending on which is cheaper. There is a dollar surcharge for travel between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Which road is best to avoid at the moment?

Interstate 10 is undergoing construction, so when coming in from the airport, it is best to avoid it. Instead, take the Westpark Tollway, especially is you have a TX TAG or EZ TAG.


What does the public transport system in Houston offer?

The public transport system offers an extensive and far reaching bus system, which stops at every second corner along its route and the more popular for tourists Metrorail, which travels through the museum and restaurant hub.


When is Houston most popular?

Houston is most popular in late March, during its Bayou City Arts Festival and in early October, during the Greek Festival.


How long is the Buffalo Bayou?

The Buffalo Bayou is a 52 mile stretch of water that runs downtown and is great for canoeing and kayaking down.


What is the Space Center Houston?

The Space Center Houston is a scientific theme park that gives kids (and their parents) the opportunity to be astronauts for the day.


What is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures in town?

The Meckom Rockwell Fountain is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures in Houston. It features three soup bowl shaped fountains that bubble continuously.


What does the Forbidden Gardens house?

The Forbidden Gardens is an outdoor museum that replicates some of China's historical scenes. It is open for tours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


How many animals are there in the Houston Zoo?

The sprawling Houston Zoo boasts 4,500 animals and includes the Children's Zoo, which gives kids a hands on experience petting and feeding the animals.


How many acres is the George Ranch Historical Park?

The George Ranch Historical Park is a 23,000 acre working ranch and features an authentic Victorian home and livestock.


What ranking does the Houston Theater District have?

Art and performance art are a very important part of Houston's cultural life -- their Theater District is ranked No. 2 after New York.


Which hotel has the highest rating?

The Four Seasons Hotel Houston is the highest rated hotel, with a Mobil Four star and a reputation for elegance and impeccable service.


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