How Canadian Are You Really?

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America's northern neighbor has been a quiet but dignified player on the world stage for years now. Canada is responsible for some of humankind's most amazing inventions and discoveries. Insulin, the Wonderbra and Superman are all Canadian and all fantastic. The country may not be as big as the United States, as old as China or as full of marsupials as Australia, but it has a lot going for it.

Knowing as you do how great Canada is, you may also be curious to know just how Canadian you are, deep down inside. Even if you weren't born in Canada, you don't need to feel excluded. Consider it like having a spirit animal. There's a connection, something Canadian in your soul that yearns to slather maple syrup on moose pancakes. Those are a thing, right? No time to wonder now, there's a quiz to be taken! 

If you long for the salty air of Nova Scotia or the somewhat overpriced hot dogs at the Rogers Center in Toronto, grab yourself a bag of All-Dressed chips, put on some Degrassi Junior High and get ready to get Canadian!

What's an acceptable addition to a box of Kraft Dinner?

Who's the greatest hockey player in Canadian history?

What's the tastiest dessert treat?

Someone is standing in your way, what do you say to try to get by?

What's the best beer to drink on a Sunday afternoon?

Which comedian is the absolute, all-time funniest?

How often do you visit the Sugar Bush?

How well do you remember the Quebec Nordiques?

What's the best place to hit up in British Colombia?

If you only have one day in Calgary, what do you need to do?

What's the name of any town at all in Nunavut?

If you're looking for the best seafood in Canada, where do you need to go?

Who was the second Prime Minister of Canada?

Canada once had a female Prime Minister. What was her name?

Toronto is Canada's biggest city and full of touristy stuff. Which tourist spot is the most overrated?

Canada's symbol is the beaver, but what animal should it be since there's so many more of them?

Canadian corner stores are chock full of candy bars you can't buy in other countries. What Canadian treat is the best?

If you're hitting up the Tim Hortons drive-thru on the way to work, what do you order?

There are lots of stereotypical Canadian things out there, but which ones do you almost never see in your real life?

It's rush hour in Toronto. Which stretch of road must you avoid at all costs?

What exactly goes on up in the Northwest Territories?

Canada's not represented in the NFL, but it does have the CFL. What was the best CFL team ever?

Canadian TV has a long proud history. Which Canadian show was clearly the best?

There have been lots of shows for children produced in Canada. Which is the best one?

Where did your parents used to do all their Christmas shopping?

How do you pronounce "poutine?"

Canada is full of beautiful locations, but what one spot should every person see at some point in their lives?

If someone had to hit up a tourist spot in Canada, which one would be worth their time?

Who is the greatest actor in Canadian history?

Canada's music scene is huge. What one musical act best represents Canada?

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