How Dateable Are You Based on These Yes or No Questions?

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About This Quiz

Being dateable requires many things. For one, you need to know how to have a conversation that doesn't evolve any dirty talk, whether it be sexual or without swearing. You need to know how to look presentable, how to smile, how to give and receive compliments and a host of other factors that you should know, depending on how dateable you are. And that's exactly what we want to figure out today. We want to know where you fall on the scale of dateability with this yes or no quiz. 

So we're going to ask you a few things about yourself, your personality and the things you like to do. Tell us what you like in your dates and what you're not a fan of. And tell us what'd make you say yes to another meet-up. If you can do all these things using the options "yes" or "no," we'll be able to tell you if you're incredibly dateable or if you're not dateable at all. 

So, if you feel like this is something you'd be interested in finding out about yourself, quit wasting time and get started on this fun yes or no quiz.  

Do you go on dates often?

Do you get asked for a second date often?

Are you usually excited before a first date?

Do you take more than an hour to get ready for a date?

Do you usually go to dinner on a first date?

Are your dates ever awkward?

Do you get turned off if your date doesn't look nice?

Has a date ever gone horribly wrong?

Have you ever made an excuse to leave a date early?

Would you go on a blind date?

Have you ever tried online dating?

Have you ever kissed someone on a first date?

Do the vast majority of your dates usually become something more?

Do you have a great sense of humor?

Do you get complimented often?

Are you a good love maker?

Would you want to date yourself?

Did you like school?

Did you go to college?

Do you enjoy your current job?

Do you come home stressed often?

Do you read to relax?

Do you like being alone?

Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

Have you taken a vacation in the past year?

Do you like traveling?

Can you speak more than one language?

Are you in a relationship right now?

Have you been dumped more than three times?

Have most of your relationships been good ones?

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