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General knowledge is difficult to pinpoint. For most people, it's not all that important for daily life, yet for others, having an expanded general knowledge is vital. Why? Well, if you know enough about a range of subjects, you can fit in just about anywhere.

And it's not that hard to pick up. General knowledge is about following what's going on in the world around you. Try to catch a news bulletin every day. Instead of spending hours on social media, open a news site and get up to date with the world around you. Read about things in history that interest you. We guarantee it will lead you to even more exciting finds.

The key is starting off with things you like to learn about, then moving on from there. But you knew that, didn't you? You are here to try your luck at our tough general knowledge quiz, where you can expect questions about just about anything!

A range of questions faces you, taking in many different general knowledge subjects. These questions span many ages, from ancient history to modern times, planes, trains and automobiles... OK, maybe not! How do you think you will fare? Will you pass with flying colors? Well, why not take the plunge and let's see what you can score. Good luck!

If a female of a certain bird species is know to us as a duck, what is the term for the male of that species?

Duck is the female name given to a species of bird found throughout the world. Many people think that the male is also called a duck, but actually, they are drakes. No one told Walt Disney, did they? Donald Drake sound terrible though!


On November 11th, 1954, what national United States holiday was first held under its current name?

Veteran's Day was at first all about honoring those who served in World War I. That was changed, however, to included World War II and later, all other conflicts in which United States armed forces have served.


Which of these United States presidents served more than two terms in office?

Franklin D Roosevelt first came into power in 1933 and served till his death on April 12, 1945. What many people don't know is that the two-term limit for a president only came into effect in 1951.


What does the snow consist of on the planet Venus?

Well, technically it doesn't snow, as the planet's surface is just too hot. But on the mountains of Venus, the tallest of which is 3 kilometers higher than Mount Everest, a metal like 'frost' does cap the mountains. This generally consists of two minerals: galena and bismuthinite.


In which country would you find an animal known as a wombat?

A wombat is from the marsupial family and found in Australia. Growing to around 1 meter long, they are fairly stout looking with short, stubby tails. They live in burrows below the ground and can run up to 40 km/h when threatened.


Which of these aircraft is deemed have helped save Great Britain by defending its skies from the German air force during the Battle of Britain?

With its immediately recognizable silhouette thanks to its elliptical wings, the Supermarine Spitfire certainly contributed towards stopping the German air force during the Battle of Britain. It had some help, however, from its stablemate, the Hawker Hurricane, which actually shot down more aircraft (because there were more Hurricanes in service) but is not romanticized as much.


In what country is the city of Basel situated?

Found in the northwestern region of Switzerland, Basel is the third biggest city in the country. The city, which came about in around 83 AD, sits on the river Rhine.


Which of these men founded the General Motors motor company?

William Durant founded General Motors in 1908. After saving Buick from certain liquidation in 1904, he used the company as the basis of forming General Motors. Durant went on to form Chevrolet, bringing them into the General Motors stable as well. Now General Motors is one of the biggest car producers in the world.


Any idea as to the name of the primary gas found in the Earth's atmosphere?

Nitrogen makes up most of the Earth's atmosphere, along with oxygen and argon. In fact, nitrogen is 79% of the atmosphere and oxygen just under 21%.


In the hit TV-series "Friends" what was the name of the coffee shop the group frequented?

The fictional coffee shop, "Central Perk" is situated in Greenwich Village in New York. Friends characters Rachel and Joey both worked at the shop at different points during the show. Interestingly, a number of coffee shops with the same name opened around the world after the success of the TV series.


What is the capital of Turkey?

Most people thin that Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. It is not. In fact, Ankara is the capital of the country and has been since 1923. The second largest city in the country, around 4.5 million people live there.


In which U.S. state was Arnold Schwarzenegger elected governor?

Arnold Schwarzenegger served as the governor of California for an eight year period from 2003 to 2011. He was fondly known as the "Governator."


Can you name the inventor who averaged a patent every three weeks of his life was?

Edison was certainly prolific! In fact, he is credited with 2,332 patents. Of course, his most significant were the light bulb, the phonograph and the kinetoscope, which essentially led to modern-day movies.


What was the name of the first satellite in space?

The Soviet Union stunned the world in 1957 when they launched the worlds first satellite on October 4, 1957. Called Sputnik, it consisted of small sphere, some protruding arms and a radio transmitter.


What is the world's largest airport, in terms of surface area?

The biggest airport in the world, in terms of surface area, King Fahd International Airport covers over 77,000 hectares. That's bigger than Bahrain! Only 5% of the area is used for facilities.


Which continent is cut almost in half along its latitude by the Tropic of Capricorn?

Also known as the Southern Tropic, the Tropic of Capricorn slices through Australia, almost dividing it perfectly in half. Did you know that this is the southernmost point on Earth where the sun can be directly overhead?


What is the name of the American president inaugurated on January 20, 2009?

It was Barack Obama who was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. He served two terms in office as the president of the United States.


The flag of the United States of America consists of how many colors?

Only three colors feature on the flag of the United States of America. They are red, white and blue.


Who was christened "The King of Pop"?

There was only one King of Pop and that was Michael Jackson. Interestingly, the title was given to him by Elizabeth Taylor on presenting Jackson with an award in 1989. It just stuck from there.


Can you name the commander of the Confederate forces during the Battle of Gettysburg?

Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general known for his shrewd tactics, especially when defending Confederate territory. His forays into Union territory, thanks to his aggressive nature, ended in defeat.


Measured by the shoreline, what is the largest bay found on Earth?

Hudson Bay was named after Henry Hudson, the English explorer who discovered it in 1609. Despite its size, it is fairly shallow with an average depth of around 100 meters.


From the list below, can you tell us the highest waterfall in the world?

Angels Falls, located in the Canaima National Park, Bolívar, Venezuela is the highest waterfall on the planet. It is 979 meters tall, over 30 meters taller than the next highest, Tugela Falls in South Africa.


In which country was soccer player Lionel Messi born?

One of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen, Lionel Messi was born in Argentina. He current plays for Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga.


Who voices "Shrek" in the Shrek movie franchise?

Canadian comedian Mike Myers has given us many lovable characters, and none more so than the green ogre, Shrek. Myers has also acted in the Cat in the Hat and the Austin Powers movies.


True or false. A strawberry, is, in fact, not a berry but a banana?

Yes, that is true. Strawberries, along with blueberries and raspberries, are actually what is called aggregate fruit, and a banana fits the proper description of a berry as it has three fleshy layers, an outer skin, flesh middle, and an innermost area. As for the confusing names -- well, people named things as berries before science had studied which group they actually belong to. Weird, huh?


Insulin is produced by which part of the body?

It is the job of the pancreas to make insulin. In type 1 diabetics, the pancreas cannot do that, therefore they have to inject it.


Golfer Ernie Els comes from which country?

Ernie Els is a four-time major winner, having claimed the U.S. Open and the British Open each on two occasions. Hailing from South Africa, he turned professional in 1989 and has 71 tournament victories to his name.


Do you know the name of the Pirate that hates Peter Pan?

Captain Hook hate Peter Pan? Why, well Peter cut of his hand during a sword fight and fed it to a crocodile who have tasted human flesh, continued to pursue Hook.


True or false? Wombat poop is cube-shaped.

Yes, indeed. Wombats poop cube-shaped droppings. It is believed that this is due to the fact as they live in dry areas, their poop has very little moisture. This means it forms into cubes when passed. Their intestines are also very elastic which helps the process. They are the only animals in the world to poop cube shapes!


What was the name of the first scientist to measure the speed of light?

Olaus Roemer was a Danish scientist born in the 1600's. In 1676 he was the first scientist to measure the speed of light. He did this by viewing eclipses of the moons of Jupiter. And then lots of calculations!


What is soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo's nickname?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the top footballers in the world today. His name CR7 comes from his initials and the number (7) which he wears on the field of play.


If you studied Entomology what are you a specialist it?

Entomology is the study of insects and their relationships to humans, their surroundings and the Earth. It forms part of zoology. Not sure who would want to study creepy crawlies, though!


On the periodic table of elements, what is the designation for lead?

Why Pb, you ask? Well, it comes from the Latin name for lead, which is plumbum. A heavy metal, lead has the atomic number 82. Lead is a lot softer than other metals such as steel.


What farm animal did Hernando de Soto introduce to America?

Christopher Columbus had eight pigs on board his ships when he landed in Cuba in 1493. No one knows if they were eaten or left there. Hernando de Soto, however, brought 13 pigs with him to Florida. Three years later, that had grown to 700!


True or false? You can actually see your nose at all times in your vision.

Yes, that is true. It's just that our brains disregard it. Although it is our vision, our brain kind of ignore it. It also is because we generally are focusing at a point far away from the tip of our nose most of the time.


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