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Why does it take so long for your fingernails to grow? Learn all about nail health and nail growth this this quiz.

Nails are made of a protein called:

Keratin is affected by factors including age and health.


When a child hits puberty his nail growth slows by this percent of its previous rate:

Puberty cuts nail growth in half.


Pregnancy increases nail growth.

During pregnancy, hormones boost cell growth and metabolism which results in increased nail growth.


Which of these drugs can slow nail growth or cause them to fall off?

Chemotherapy and illness can slow nail growth or even cause them to fall off.


Toenails grow faster than fingernails.

Fingernails grow three to four times faster than toenails.


Do the nails on one hand grow faster than the other?

Not only do the nails on your dominant hand grow faster, the nails on your longest fingers grow faster than the nails on your shorter fingers.


Your nails grow faster in the winter.

Scientists aren't sure why but nails grow faster in the summer.


If you lose a fingernail, how long will it take to regrow completely?

Fingernails grow about one-tenth of an inch (3 millimeters) a month, which means they grow back in four to six months.


Lost toenails grow back in a year to a year and a half.

It's a slow process for toenails to grow from cuticle to tip.


If you notice a significant change in the growth of your nails you should:

Your doctor can diagnose why, for example, your nail growth rate has slowed. It could indicate a more serious problem.


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