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"Innnn... West Philadelphia born and raised..."

If you can't finish this theme song, you might struggle through this quiz, but if you can, you're probably a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air expert!

In 1990, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered on NBC. Starring Will Smith, the story followed a young teen (with the same name) who was forced to move from his native Philadelphia to the wealthy city of Bel Air.

Packed with a dynamic group of characters, Will seemed to be a breath of fresh air in the stuffy Banks' household. After his introduction to California, the house and the world was opened to his antics and laughs. 

After six seasons and just under 150 episodes, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended its laughs with the world, but not before delivering hilarious plots and unforgettable characters.

Which character was constantly being thrown out of the house by Uncle Phil? What style of dance was Aunt Viv performing when she proved that age was nothing but a number? What classic song did Carlton love to dance to?

If you answered Jazz, ballet, and "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones, you're ready for this quiz! Are you going to sit on your throne as the prince or princess of Bel-Air? Let's find out!

What city was Will from?

In the first line of the theme song, Will reveals that he's from, "West Philadelphia, born and raised."


What is the order of Phil and Vivian's children from oldest to youngest?

Their oldest is Hilary followed by Carlton, Ashley, and Nicky who was born at the end of the 3rd season.


Who is Will's best friend?

Will's best friend is Jazz, who constantly gets thrown out of the house by Uncle Phil.


What was Geoffrey's last name?

Oddly enough, Geoffrey's last name was the same as his job - Butler.


Which character did James Avery play on the show?

James Avery played his most known role as the strict Uncle Phil.


What sport did Ashley play when she was younger?

When Ashley was younger, she often played tennis for her school team as well as in her backyard.


What was Uncle Phil's profession?

Uncle Phil starts the series as a lawyer but soon becomes a judge during Season 3.


What college did Will and Carlton go to?

Will and Carlton both attended ULA before Carlton leaves to attend Princeton.


What was the ULA mascot?

The ULA mascot was the peacock, a costume that Carlton often wore.


What was the name of Alfonso Ribeiro's character?

Alfonso Ribeiro is well-known for his breakout role as Carlton Banks.


What was Hilary's fiance's name?

Hilary's fiance, Trevor, proposed to her on national television.


What was Trevor doing when he proposed to Hilary?

Hilary's fiance, Trevor, proposed to her on national television while bungee jumping.


What sport did Will and Carlton play together?

For a short time, Will and Carlton played on the Bel-Air basketball team together.


What job did Hilary have before she hosted her own talk show?

Before having her own talk show, Hilary had a job as a weather girl.


Who was Will's fiance?

Will's girlfriend turned fiance was Lisa Wilkes.


When Will returned to Philadelphia to find a sandwich named after him, what animal did they use to refer to him?

The "Chicken Will" was named after him when he left Philadelphia after getting into a fight.


Which famous model played Will's old friend, Jackie?

Tyra Banks played Will's old hometown friend who was also attending UCLA.


What was Aunt Viv's profession?

Aunt Viv was a professor, even subbing for Will and Carlton's African American studies class at Bel-Air Prep.


Which of these characters where replaced on the show?

The original actress who played Aunt Viv was replaced after the third season by Daphne Maxwell Reid.


Which of these actresses appeared on the show?

Queen Latifah appeared on the show in two different roles. First as Hilary's boss, Marisa Redman, and later as Will's friend, DD.


On what show did Phil propose to Vivian?

Phil proposed to Vivian on Soul Train, and the couple was then invited for a reunion 25 years later.


Which character is known for their dancing?

Carlton is known for his signature dance to the song, "It's Not Unusual."


Who was Carlton's favorite singer?

Every time "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones played, Carlton couldn't help but do his famous dance.


Which character's first line on the show was, "Dad, I need $300?"

Hilary's first on screen words were asking her father for $300 which she wanted to buy a hat.


Who performed at Nicky's christening?

Boyz II Men performed at Nicky's christening and the character's middle names are actually named after the members of the group.


Which of these men appeared on the show attempting to buy the Banks' mansion?

Donald Trump appeared towards the end of Season 4 attempting to buy the Banks' mansion.


Which fictional couple bought the Banks' mansion at the end of the series?

George and Louise Jefferson from "The Jeffersons" were moving from NYC to Bel-Air and bought the Banks' mansion.


What city do Hilary and Ashley move to at the end of the show?

Hilary moves to the Big Apple for her talk show while Ashley moves to attend a performing arts school.


When John Witherspoon got lost with Will in the middle of the wood, what did Will leave as a trail to lead back to him?

When Will gets stranded in the woods with his girlfriend's dad, he uses hot sauce to create a trail back to her father.


When Will is recovering in the hospital, what show does he reveal he knows all the words to?

When Will is in this hospital, he's found watching What's Happening!! with the sound off before going on to quote the scene.


When Will meets an older pregnant woman, played by Vanessa Williams, where does she go into labor?

Vanessa William's character is a sportswriter and invites Will to go to a game with her. On the way, she goes into labor in the back of the limousine.


When Will arrives late to his bachelor party, who does he find pretending to be him?

When the crowd from the party enters the elevator with Will in it, he finds out Geoffrey told an attractive woman that he was the groom to be.


In the theme song, what line comes after, "And a couple of guys that were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood?"

After Will got into the fight and his mom got scared, she sent him to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel-Air.


Who's the first person to find out that Hilary dropped out of college?

Will is the first to find out that Hilary dropped out before blackmailing her into barking like a dog and doing his laundry.


Which duo is known for their famous dance to the Sugar Hill Gang's song, "Apache?"

Will and Carlton created the famous dance to The Sugar Hill Gang's song, "Apache."


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