How Good Is Your Memory?

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According to Merriam-Webster, memory can refer to one of many things. It is the ability we possess to recall or reproduce what we have learned. And it is our ability to store what we have learned which can be tested by recognizing or remembering things. Because not every human is the same, everyone's ability to memorize things and the capacity of said memories also differs. So we want to test just how good your memory is.

Will this quiz tell us of your near-legendary memory? Do you remember everything you see or hear, to a point where it's downright terrifying? Or is your memory, and we use the term loosely, a complete sham, so much so that it's laughable? Or are you like most people and fall somewhere in the middle? Are you a little lower or a little higher than the average person? 

So will your result tell us that you have the memory of bottlenose dolphin (they can remember their friends after about 20 years apart -- and that's with no Skype or social media)? Or will you forget about your fate 0.2 seconds after reading it? It's time for us to find out just how good your memory is! 

Do you have difficulty remembering people's names?

Can you accurately give your checking account number without looking it up?

Think you can remember "pink elephants"? And when was the last time you forgot where you parked your car?

How likely are you to forget to do something if you don't write it down?

What was the first answer to the previous question?

How are you at remembering people's phone numbers?

How often do you forget what you were about to do next?

How much trouble would you be in without a planner?

How regularly do you forget important appointments that you scheduled?

How often do you forget where you left your keys?

How often do you make plans only to be reminded that you already have something planned at that time?

How confident are you that you'll be able to remember the words car, apple, road, and gum?

What is your earliest memory of your life?

How confident are you that later on you'll be able to give the answer to 7-2=?

How often do you have to change your password because you forgot what it was?

Do you find yourself regularly asking someone to repeat details of instructions?

Who was the U.S. President in 2001?

Which team did Michael Jordan play for?

Which movie won Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards?

How often do you forget what your PIN is on your ATM or debit card?

How often do you found yourself somewhere, but you can't remember why you are there?

When you watch a movie you haven't seen in a while, how much does it feel like you've never seen it?

When was the last time you blanked on someone's name you know pretty well?

What color elephants are you supposed to remember?

How much difficulty do you have remembering anniversaries and birthdays?

Can you accurately give your driver's license number without looking at your card?

If you're given instructions, how many can you hold in your head without writing them down?

What are the four words we asked if you were confident that you could remember?

What's the answer to the math equation from earlier?

What was the first question of this quiz?

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