Quiz: How Good of a Kisser Are You?
How Good of a Kisser Are You?
By: Ian Fortey
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About This Quiz

If you're lucky there will come a time in your life when you meet someone special and share a kiss that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. All other kisses that lead up to this one will be like poorly cooked microwave pizzas compared to your first taste of the real deal. It will stir your soul in a way you never thought possible and it's very likely you will fall in love with that person right on the spot. Or, you know, you'll think you love them for a little while at least. But this kiss is what we're focused on here. Some people just have that magic touch.

Not everyone takes kissing as seriously as they could, or as they should. It can be such a powerful, emotional gesture that really makes you feel something special. And with so much power, it seems like the sort of thing maybe you'd want to be really good at. But how will you ever know? No one can tell on their own if they're any good. Lucky for you we can offer a little help and guidance. Answer a few kissy questions for us and we'll tell you just how good a kisser you truly are.

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Are you the kind of person who will give just anyone a kiss?

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How often are you planting your lips on someone anyway?

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Do you ever find yourself hesitating before a kiss due to bad breath insecurity?

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How many people do you think you've kissed in your life, either romantically or just in a friendly way?

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Have you ever clicked your teeth off the other person's teeth during a kiss?

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Where do you kiss someone romantically when you're not feeling like hitting the lips?

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What do you like to do with your hands when you're kissing someone passionately?

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When you're really getting into a kiss, do you make any kind of noise?

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Are you the kind of person who will kiss acquaintances hello?

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Have you ever had to train someone to be a better kisser?

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How often does the person you're kissing make a happy noise when you're mid-kiss?

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Have you ever gone in for a kiss and the other person pulled back, shutting you down?

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What happens if the person you're kissing just isn't very good?

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A good way to tell if you're a good kisser is from feedback. Do people ever tell you that you're good?

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Have you ever made out with someone just for the pleasure of that with no intention of going further?

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If you know you just ate something garlicky and your partner sneaks up to plant a kiss on you, what do you do?

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How do you kiss someone you have no romantic interest in?

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Would you break up with someone if the only thing wrong with them was that they were a terrible kisser?

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Would you ever kiss someone with food in your mouth?

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How soon after meeting someone is it acceptable to plant a kiss on them anyway?

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Are you currently in any kind of romantic, regular kissing relationship?

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If the person you're kissing just ate something, what do you hope it was?

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