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Out of all of the major sports in North America, none have been around longer than the MLB (Major League Baseball). The league has been going strong since 1903, with the National League actually dating back to 1876.  The league now makes nearly $10 billion a year and shows no signs of slowing down. 

There have been thousands of players who have worn an MLB jersey with pride and there have been several new rules implemented in the game over the years. As a result, a lot of historic plays, statistics, wins, and losses have taken place in the hundreds of thousands of MLB games played over the last century-plus. 

While some fans simply look forward to the next season when one ends, others look back and love the history of the game. There are a ton of baseball historians out there who love the sport and have knowledge of it that you wouldn't believe. Think you're one of them? 

In an effort to separate the experts and those who claim to be experts, we have decided to put together a quiz all about the MLB. From players, to statistics, to rules, this quiz has it all. Up for the challenge? If so, read on and test your knowledge!

Who has hit the most home runs in MLB history?

Barry Bonds hit a total of 762 home runs during his career, breaking the decades-long record of 755 that was held by Hank Aaron. The closest active player as of 2018 is Albert Pujols, who is still more than 100 away.


What occurs when a hit bounces off the ground and over the fence?

Because the ball is in the stands and cannot be thrown, this rule had to be in place. A ground rule double became an official rule in 1930. Before that, a ground rule double was a home run.


Which team has won the most World Series championships?

The New York Yankees are not only one of the most popular teams in the MLB, but they have won more championships than any other team. They have a whopping 27, which is well over double the team in second place.


Who is the oldest player to ever play in an MLB game?

Satchel Paige began his baseball career in 1926 and played his final professional game in 1965. While he was only invited back for one game, he holds the distinction of being the oldest to ever suit up for an MLB game at 59 years old.


The most RBIs in a season are...

In 1930, Hack Wilson of the Chicago Cubs drove in 191 runners throughout the season. This record has stood for nearly 90 years, and will likely never be broken.


Which pitcher has the most career wins?

It's fitting that the best pitcher each year is given the Cy Young award. He holds an unbreakable record of 511 wins during his career, nearly 100 more than second place.


What's the average attendance at an MLB game?

The average attendance for MLB games in 2018 was just a hair under 29,000. This is more than the NBA and NHL, but less than the NFL. Some teams were up near 50,000, while others barely broke 10,000.


How many innings did the longest MLB game last?

That's right, a game between the Brooklyn Robins and Boston Braves went a full 26 innings. The game could have likely gone longer but was called early due to darkness.


The record for the longest career is 27 seasons. Who played that long?

Nolan Ryan came into the MLB in 1966 and continued his playing until he retired in 1993. He is considered by many one of the best and toughest pitchers to ever play the game.


The highest combined score in an MLB game is...

There have been dozens of high-scoring games throughout the history of the MLB, but none can hold a candle to a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies in 1922. The game ended 26-23, for a grand total of 49 runs.


Which player has the most career steals?

Ricky Henderson is in an absolute league of his own when it comes to stolen bases. During his 25-year career, he stole 1,406 bases, which is well over 400 more than the player in second place.


How many different pitchers have thrown a perfect game?

Twenty-three different players have thrown a perfect game in their MLB careers. Twenty-one of those have been in the modern era, and no player has ever thrown more than one.


In baseball, what is a balk?

There are a number of things that can lead to a balk, but most surround a pitcher pretending to throw the ball, but having no intention of doing so. The balk rule was implemented more than 100 years ago.


When was the most recent MLB batting triple crown?

In 2012, Miguel Cabrera hit for the triple crown, which means he had the most home runs, most RBIs and highest batting average in the entire league. However, before Cabrera's triple crown, there hadn't been one since 1967, so they are indeed very rare.


The fastest pitch ever recorded in the MLB was...

The fastest pitch ever thrown in the history of the game was 105.1 by Aroldis Chapman. While pitches could potentially go faster, there is a good chance this record will stick for a while.


Who is the tallest player in MLB history?

Jon Rauch, a former pitcher in the MLB, is the tallest player in MLB history. He stood at a towering 6 feet, 11 inches tall. He retired a few years ago.


The most games won by a team in a season is...

Twice times in MLB history a team has won 116 wins. The 1906 Dodgers and the 2001 Mariners. However, both teams failed to win the World Series after their legendary seasons.


How did the Yankees originally acquire Babe Ruth?

One of the most legendary baseball players in history was traded to the Yankees by the Red Sox. Many call this one of the worst trades in the history of the game.


Which MLB team is the most valuable?

According to Forbes, the New York Yankees are worth $4 billion, which makes them the most valuable MLB team by around $1 billion. They have topped this Forbes list for the entire 21-year history of the list.


Which current MLB team has been around the longest?

The Atlanta Braves are the oldest continually operating baseball team in history. The team was established in 1871 as the Boston Red Stockings and played in the very first game of the National League in 1876.


Of all the pitches in baseball, which is the most common?

A fastball is the most commonly thrown pitch by a large margin. While certain pitchers will specialize in a curve, a sinker or a knuckle ball, every pitcher has at least one fastball in their arsenal.


What curse did the Boston Red Sox break with their World Series win in 2004?

The Red Sox failed to win a World Series championship from 1918 to 2014, and their struggles began once they traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees.


What is the record for strikeouts by a pitcher in a season during the live baseball era?

Nolan Ryan threw for 383 strikeouts in 1973 for this record. While players in the 1800s threw more strikeouts, that was not considered the live baseball era.


The oldest stadium in the MLB is...

The Red Sox have played in Fenway Park since it opened in 1912 and it is still going strong. It has undergone a few different changes, but is still one of the smallest stadiums in the MLB.


Who has won the most career Cy Young awards?

Roger Clemens won his first Cy Young award in 1986 and his final one in 2004. Throughout his career, he won a total of seven, which is one more than Randy Johnson.


Which MLB team was the subject of the movie, "Moneyball"?

The film centers on the 2002 Oakland Athletics and their general manager, Billy Beane, and his attempt to create a competitive lineup despite a limited budget.


What number was the first retired by an MLB team?

The first player to have his jersey retired was Lou Gehrig, who wore No. 4. The No 4 has been retired by eight teams, which is tied for the most of any number retired.


Of all the MLB teams, which has suffered the most losses ever?

The Philadelphia Phillies have been a team since 1883 and have amassed a total of 10,897 losses as of the end of the 2018 season. The next closest team has about 300 fewer losses.


Which manager has been ejected most in MLB history?

Bobby Cox is no stranger to being ejected as he was booted from 161 games during his MLB career as a manager. That is nearly a full season of baseball, and he has nearly 30 ejections more than the manager in second place


Who is the shortest player to ever play in the MLB?

While he only appeared for a single at-bat, it still counts. Eddie Gaedel stood at 3 feet, 7 inches and weighed only 65 pounds. He played in 1951. His lone plate appearance ended with a walk.


Where is the Green Monster located?

Since its creation in 1912, Fenway Park has been home to the Green Monster. The large left field wall stands 37 feet tall.


What happens if a ball hits or goes over the foul pole?

Both the foul line and the foul pole are technically in fair territory, so if a ball hits it (or goes over it), it is considered a home run.


Which player has the most hits in his career?

Pete Rose, while banned from baseball, is the all-time leader in career hits. He had 4,256 hits in his career, a record that may never be broken. The closest active player is more than 1,000 hits away.


For what is Dock Ellis best known?

In 1970, Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter while high on LSD. He forgot what day it was and forgot he had to pitch the following day, which led to him having to pitch under the influence.


What player has been hit by the most pitches in his career?

Jennings played in the late 1890s until 1918, and was one of the toughest players ever, having been hit by a pitch 287 times in his career. He was not afraid to get hit to get on base. He also holds the record for most in a season, with 51.


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