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On "How I Met Your Mother," Barney Stinson goes through women faster than he goes through suits. See how much you remember about Barney's loves, hookups and conquests with our quiz!

Which of these women was NOT part of the "Final Four"?

In the episode "The Bracket," Barney narrows down the list of women who hate him the most to Meg, Kate, Holly and Anna.


What did Anna do to get revenge on Barney after their hookup?

After Barney told her his name was actually Ted Mosby, Anna started TedMosbyIsaJerk.com. The website eventually got 400,000 hits.


Who did Barney sleep with at Marshall and Lily's apartment?

After Marshall and Lily bought their apartment in Dowisetrepla, Barney used it as a place to seduce Meg — who didn't let that stop her from obsessing over her love for Barney.


Why was Holly in the Final Four?

Holly ended up in the Final Four after Barney abandoned her in the woods while camping and a bear attacked her.


Which former flame attacks Barney in the episode "The Bracket"?

After Barney used two different names to sleep with Kate — twice — she attacked him on site in "The Bracket."


Who was spreading the word about Barney, causing women to mysteriously slap him?

After the bracket failed to identify the mystery women, Barney eventually learned that it was Abby, Stella's receptionist, who was smearing his "good" name all over town.


Who played Abby on "How I Met Your Mother"?

Pop princess Britney Spears played the lovable, yet very naive, Abby.


What was the name of Barney's first girlfriend?

Barney's first girlfriend was Shannon, who worked with him in a coffeehouse.


Who broke Barney and Shannon up?

Barney was devastated when Shannon left him for Greg. It transformed his entire identity, making him into the stud he later became.


True or false: Barney and Robin stayed married until they died.

In the second-to-last episode of "HIMYM," viewers learn that Barney and Robin divorced but stayed friends.


What did Barney and Nora bond over?

Barney and Nora bonded over laser tag, leading to Barney having his first ever date on Desperation Day (that's the day before Valentine's Day).


Which of these happens to Nora on the first night she sleeps with Barney?

On the night that Nora and Barney sleep together for the first time, she breaks a tooth, gets attacked by a mouse, and witnesses a suicide — the stuff of romance, for sure.


Why do Nora and Barney break up?

After Barney admits to sleeping with Robin, Nora puts an end to their relationship for good.


Which of Barney's girlfriends is a stripper?

Quinn Garvey is a stripper who uses the name "Karma" at a club called the Lusty Leopard.


Where do Barney and Quinn get engaged?

After they are held up by security, Barney proposes to Quinn at the airport.


Which girl causes Barney to break the Platinum Rule?

The Platinum Rule of the Bro Code warns bros to never date someone they see regularly, which Barney does when he hooks up with Wendy the waitress.


Which former world leader did Barney bed?

After meeting at a state dinner, Barney swears he shared a bed with Madeleine Albright.


To whom did Barney lose his virginity?

In "The Yips," viewers learn that Barney lost his virginity to Rhonda French, his neighbor.


How old was Barney when he first did the deed?

Barney was 23 years old when his brother James arranged for him to spend an evening with "The Man-maker."


Whom does Barney drop in favor of his suits?

When forced to choose between hot bartender Karina and his suits, Barney decides to suit up and let the girl go.


Who played Barney's conquest Karina?

Actress Stacy Keibler played Karina, who refused to date a man who wore suits.


Why does Barney sleep with Professor Lewis?

Barney sleeps with professor Lewis — played by Jane Seymour — to help Marshall improve his grades in law school.


True or false: Barney's relationship with professor Lewis provides a huge boost to Marshall's grades.

Professor Lewis is not impressed by Barney's prowess, and he dislocates his hip trying to impress her.


Who was No. 200?

While attempting to sleep with 200 women, Barney beds a bodybuilder to hit that magic number 200.


Who is Mrs. Buckminster?

After Barney beds Marvin's nanny Mrs. Buckminster, Marshall and Lily are left in the lurch in terms of childcare.


Who is the mother of Barney's daughter?

Barney's baby mama is the 31st woman he bedded in a single month, known simply as "No. 31."


How does he get No. 31 to do the deed?

No. 31 gives in to Barney because he convinces her that he has just one day left to live.


True or false: Barney sleeps with Ted's sister.

While Barney never actually sleeps with Heather Mosby, he and Heather pretend to have done the deed to fool Ted.


Where does Barney first meet the Mother?

Barney attempts to seduce the Mother — Tracy — in a drugstore. She turns him down but does give him some important advice on love and relationships.


Who played Barney's conquest, Honey?

Katy Perry played Zoey's cousin, Honey, who is so dim-witted that everyone around her can't help but say "oh, honey ..."


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