How Intelligent Is Your Dog?

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If you're a dog person, the following is not news to you: dogs have about twice the number of neurons in their cerebral cortexes than what cats have, which may indicate they could be about twice as intelligent. It makes sense since there are no service cats or drug-sniffing cats. So we know dogs are smart, but where does YOUR dog score on the intelligence test? Is your dog an obstacle course champion or does he run into a wall when you tell him to fetch? Let's just say both keep us entertained, but it's nice to know what you should expect out of your dog given his I.Q.

In this test, we'll use a scale of 100 to provide a comparison for intelligence, with 90-100 being Champion-Type Intelligence, 80-89 being above average, 70-79 being average, and below that, well, your dog is smarter than a cat. But let's not put down that score, as domestic cats have a similar intelligence quotient as bears. Now the real fun begins. Time to answer these personality questions about your dog and see where it sits on the intelligence scale. That being said, remember there's more to your best friend than just being top of the class. 

Does your dog change facial expression when you pay attention to him?

Will your dog do a trick even if no treat is involved?

You're walking your dog and another dog walks towards you. What happens?

A squirrel has crossed your path and you have a loose leash on your dog. What happens?

You throw a french fry in the air for your dog to catch. Where does the french fry land?

When your dog doesn't get something he wants, what does he do?

How has your dog adapted himself to make himself more loveable?

How many times do you have to call your dog to come in from the outside?

Posing for pictures. How does that work with your dog?

It's holiday time, guests keep ringing the doorbell and coming in, how does your dog respond?

How is your dog around babies and toddlers?

How does your dog react if he knows he's going to the vet?

Once at the vet, how does he react in the examination room?

You're playing tug of war and have to take a phone call. You step on the rope so your dog can continue to play. What happens when you're off the phone?

You're playing fetch. What happens next?

Your dog is done playing ball. How does he communicate that?

Does your dog eat food that drops from the table?

Does your dog destroy clothes or shoes?

Your dog is hiking with you in the woods and can't get through the bushes like you do. What happens?

What happens if you decide to walk your dog without a leash?

Which of these is your dog's favorite food?

Halloween. How does that work at your house?

Staying overnight in a dog-friendly hotel. How does that go?

How well does your dog know you?

How would you rate your dog's ability to remember things once you taught him something new?

Which of these tricks can your dog perform?

How is your dog's sense of direction?

How does your dog do with hide-the-treat games?

Could your dog be one of those surfing dogs or skateboarding dogs on YouTube?

The mail person just came. What happened?

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