How Long Will It Take You to Fall in Love?

Tori Highley

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About This Quiz

Some of us fall in love at first sight, while others can take years to fall in love with one person. Take this quiz to find out how quickly you will fall in love.

Where do you like to take someone on a first date?

Which music artist do you feel is most romantic?

How long did your last relationship last?

When does a romantic partner get to meet your parents?

Who plans your dates?

What gift did you give this past Valentine's Day?

Which drink is your favorite for a night in with your loved one?

What do you order at the bar when you are single?

From where do you not date people?

What souvenir do you get from a romantic weekend away?

Where do you most enjoy socializing?

Which activity are you willing to try when invited by a new love interest?

Where do you get your relationship advice?

If your romantic partner had a dog that didn't like you, how would you feel?

Which sounds most romantic for a weekend getaway?

What is your favorite birthday activity?

How frequently do you take trips without a lover?

Do you believe in soul mates?

What do you feel is your most attractive physical feature?

What do you feel is your best character trait?

How long does it take you to purchase a car?

What kind of pet do you want right now?

When you need alone time, what do you do?

Which flower do you like the most for romance?

What do you find most physically attractive on another person?

Do you like weddings?

How frequently do you go on dates when you are in a relationship?

Which movie is the best date night movie?

When do you move in with a romantic partner?

Would you share dessert at the end of a good first date?

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