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Think you have a handle on your biblical vocabulary? Countless Christians and Catholics around the world find a sense of comfort in faith and do their best to live their lives according to the Bible. These works are arguably some of the most influential texts ever written. However, as works dating back centuries that have gone through countless translations in dozens of languages, the actual language used in the Bible can be quite tricky for some to understand and spell.  

The Bible is full of large words and archaic phrases that no modern person would ever use in casual conversation. While the weighty language of the Bible does a lot to help it convey a sense of grand importance, it can also be confusing for the average English speaker, who might not even know how to pronounce massive biblical words like antediluvian. Luckily, the Bible is so influential that many of its words are far more common today than many even realize. Some of these words are used even in instances which have nothing to do with the Bible itself.  

If you think you can take on the absolutely leviathan task of spelling biblical words, then try your hand at this quiz! 

A short story that often teaches a moral lesson is a __________.

Parables are uncomplicated stories meant to teach moral or spiritual lessons. Jesus tells them in the Gospels.


The male head of a tribe or family is the:

Patriarch can refer to any male head of a family or tribe. It also refers specifically to the biblical men who are considered the fathers of the human race, like Jacob, Isaac and Abraham.


To ______ means to die.

Someone who has perished has passed on. This is a word that can be seen throughout the Bible.


_______ is defined as regularly eating and drinking too much.

Gluttony is defined as being habitually greedy when it comes to food, drink and wealth. It is considered a sin.


______ refers to anger.

Wrath refers to anger on a mass scale. In modern language, it is rarely used with seriousness.


________ is a type of angel.

Cherubs were depicted as winged children. In biblical tradition, they attend on God.


A _______ works to spread the doctrines of one they follow.

In general, this word can refer to the student of any type of teacher or leader. It is also used to refer to the followers of Jesus Christ specifically.


A person or action that is virtuous is:

Righteous can describe a person or an action that is moral. It is also slang for "very good."


Which word is spelled correctly?

Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament, which contains the tale of God creating the world. It can also refer to the origin or beginning of other things.


_________ can refer to feelings of intense joy.

Rapture can refer to feelings or expressions of intense joy or pleasure. Some North American Christians also believe that the rapture will occur after the second coming of Christ, during which believers will be transported to heaven.


Christ's rise from the dead is referred to as the ________.

Resurrection can refer to the revival or revitalization of something or bringing something back from the dead. In Christian theology, it can refer to Christ's return from death or the rising of the dead during the Last Judgement.


To feel joy is to:

To rejoice means to feel delight. It can also mean to show it.


A _______ predicts the future.

Prophecies refer to predictions of the future. In Biblical texts, true prophecy has divine inspiration.


What is the structure called where sacrifices are made to a diety?

Alters have been used in many religions and faiths. In a Christian church, an altar is where the bread and wine are consecrated during communion.


A ______ is a living thing killed to appease the divine.

This can refer to Christ's offering of himself during the Crucifixion. It can also refer to any valued thing which is given up for the sake of something more important.


The act of making amends for a sin is called:

In common English, an atonement can be a reparation for any wrongdoing. In Christian theology, it refers to the mankind and God reconciling through Jesus Christ.


Someone who is punished for someone else's mistakes is a ________.

The word scapegoat comes from a Biblical story. In Leviticus. 16, a goat is sent into the wilderness to die after a Jewish priest symbolically puts the sins of the people on it.


Which of these is a divine manifestation?

While this word can be used to refer to the manifestation of any divine being, it has specific uses within Christianity. It can refer to the manifestation of Christ represented by the Magi, and the fetival commemorating this event.


When a group makes a journey to escape a dangerous environment it is called:

This word can refer to any mass departure. It is commonly used to refer to the evacuation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.


Which of these is the last book of the New Testament?

The word revelation can refer to making something unknown known. It also can specifically be when something divine or otherworldy which relates to the human world becomes known to humans.


Which word is the written collection of teachings accepted by a religious group?

The gospel refers to the record of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in the first 4 books of the New Testament. It also refers to the teachings of Christ in general.


To make them someone furious is to _______ them.

To incense someone is to make them very angry. Incense also refers to a substance burned in order to emit a pleasant smell.


A _________ is a deliverer.

The Hebrew Bible prophesied that a deliverer would come. Christians believe these prophecies came true with Jesus Christ and that he is the Messiah, while Jews do not.


Which word means to be saved from sin or evil?

Redemption can be the action of saved or being saved from sin or evil. It can also refer to a thing which gets this result.


To be _________ is to exist everywhere at once:

The word omnipresent can describe something so common that it can be found anywhere. It also is used to describe God, who is said to be present everywhere all the time.


Which of these words describes a place of complete bliss?

Paradise can be used to refer to heaven or the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were cast from. It also can refer to any place of ideal peace and bliss.


Which is the word that refers to disease?

Pestilence refers to any fatal epidemic. It is a largely archaic word used especially to refer to the Black Death.


Which of these things signifies rebirth?

In the Christian church, a baptism occurs when water is sprinkled on a person's head as part of a ceremony. It symbolizes rebirth, cleansing and admission to the church.


Worshipping idols and images that are not of God is:

Idolatry can refer to the worship of any idols. In Christianity, it refers to the worship of any statues, images or likenesses that are not of God.


Sincere regret is ________.

Repentance is the action of repenting. It involves showing honest remorse or regret for wrongdoing.


To be ____________ is to have limitless power:

This word is used to both describe and as a synonym for God. It means to have unlimited power.


Which of these is a Biblical sea monster?

The Leviathan was a sea monster in the Hebrew Bible. It can also be used to refer to something incredibly large, vexing or powerful.


Someone who is wasteful is:

Prodigal is both a noun and an adjective. It can refer to extravagantly wasteful people or behaviors.


_______ describes a long-awaited arrival.

This word can refer to the arrival of anything. In Christian theology, it refers to the coming or second coming of Jesus Christ.


If someone is promised to be married they are:

This refers to old customs, when parents would arrange marriages for their children. Someone who was pledged to marry someone else would be their betrothed.


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