How Many Breeds of Livestock Can You Identify?

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Livestock are domesticated animals which are raised in an agricultural setting either for producing labor or products including milk, leather, eggs, wool, meat and fur. Traditionally these animals have been bred in almost every society as an alternative food source and also an item for trading. 

 While most people think of different types of cattle, chickens, turkey, goats and sheep (all of which are domesticated) when they hear the word livestock, the broader category also includes alpaca - used for their meat and fur, bison - whose skin is used to make leather, camels - which are used as pack animals, and water buffaloes which are draft animals. Livestock can also include animals which are semi-domesticated and wild animals held in captivity.

If you go by what is eaten, in Texas a wide variety of critters can be called livestock ... but that's a subject for another quiz!

How many breeds of livestock do you think you will be able to identify if you were given images of them? Is there a particular type of livestock you know better than the others? If you would like to know the answers to those questions and more, then this is the quiz you need to take. 

The Hampshire, also called Hampshire Down, is a breed of sheep which are a cross of the Southdown with the Old Hampshire breed of sheep. These sheep which can be found in Hampshire, England, can weigh upward of 300 pounds.

Brangus is a breed of cattle which are a cross between the Brahman and the Angus cattle, using superior traits of both breeds. In many countries where they are found, they are raised primarily for their production of meat.

The American Yorkshire is a breed of pig which is the American equivalent to the English Yorkshire, but with smaller ears. These pigs, which can weigh over 650 pounds, are the most common swine breed which is farmed for meat in the United States.

The African Pygmy goat is a breed of domestic goat which is known for being able to live in a variety of climates. The miniature goats are commonly used as pets, but it is also used for the milk it produces.

Columbia sheep is a popular breed of sheep which is identified by its white shag-looking coat. It is one of the first breeds to be developed in the United States, and the 400-pound sheep are bred for both meat and wool production.

Holstein Friesians are a breed of dairy cattle which originated from the places it is named after in Holland and Germany. They are the world’s highest producing dairy cattle and can be found all around the world. In some places, they are also bred for meat production.

The Plymouth Rock is an American breed of chicken which was first seen in Massachusetts, where it was one of the most popular breeds of chicken. Bred for both their meat and their brown eggs, they lay approximately 200 a year.

The Dorper is a South African breed of sheep which was developed by crossing a Blackhead Persian sheep and a Dorset horn. It is the second most common sheep in the country, where it is bred for meat production.

The American bronze is a breed of domestic turkey which is so-named for the bronze-like sheen of its feathers. They are medium- to large-sized birds and are mainly bred for meat production.

The American mammoth donkey is a land race of donkeys which were imported into North America. Once they arrived, they were bred solely because they were very strong working mules.

The Brahman or Brahma is a breed of humped cattle which was imported from India into the United States. It is one of the most popular breeds of cattle, used for meat processing as well as in steer riding for youth.

The Angora goat is a domestic breed of goat which originated in Angora, a city which it is named after. This particular breed of horned goat is raised for its fleece, known as mohair, which is used to make carpets and other fibers.

Suffolk sheep are a breed of black-faced domestic sheep which were developed in England as a result of a cross between a Norfolk horned ewe and Southdown ram. They are primarily bred for their wool and meat production as well as for cross breeding.

Berkshire pigs, sometimes called the Kurobuta, is a rare breed of pig which originated in Berkshire, England. At maturity, they can weigh up to 600 pounds with the average price of a pork chop being $7 to $9 per pound.

Leghorn is a breed of chicken which originated in Tuscany, Italy and was exported to North America in 1828, where they were initially called Italians. They are typically bred because they are able to lay an average of 280 – 300 eggs a year.

The Saanen is a Swiss breed of goat which gets its name from the region of Switzerland it is found in. The goat, which can now be found in over 80 countries, is primarily bred for its milk production.

Limousin cattle is a breed of muscled beef cattle which originated in France. Now found in over 70 countries, these animals were initially used as draft animals but were later bred for its meat as well as to crossbreed with other cattle.

The Boer goat is a breed of goat which was developed for its mean in the early 20th century. Indigenous to South Africa, these animals have a fast growth rate and excellent carcass quality, making it very popular worldwide.

Southdown sheep are small breeds of English sheep which have been bred for almost 200 years for their meat as well as their coat. It is also known to be shipped to New Zealand, where it is cross-bred to create other breeds of sheep.

Jersey cattle are a small breed of dairy cattle which was originally bred on the island of Jersey off the coast of France. It is particularly popular because its milk contains a high butterfat milk content and low maintenance cost.

The Duroc pig is one of the oldest breeds of domestic which were developed in the United States. The pigs, whose weight can exceed 800 pounds, is bred for its meat and has often been called aggressive by breeders.

Santa Gertrudis cattle are a breed of tropical beef cattle which were developed in Texas on King Ranch and were named after the place where the ranch was established. These are primarily bred for meat production as well as crossbreeding.

The Royal Palm turkey is a breed of domestic turkey which is popularly bred for ornamental purposes due to their unique features, including their metallic black plumage. In some places, they are bred for meat production.

Ayrshire cattle are a breed of cattle which are named after Ayrshire, Scotland but have been. Arguably said to be from Holland, the cows are known for having red and white markings and for their ability to convert grass into milk.

Rambouillet, also called Rambouillet merino or French Marino, is a breed of sheep which were developed around 1986. The sheep was initially bred for its wool production which was to make cloth and also for its meat.

The Orpington is a breed of chicken which was named after the town of Orpington in Kent, England. They were typically bred for their egg laying, which averaged about 175 to 200 medium eggs, and also for their meat.

The Poland China is a breed of domestic pig which was first bred in Ohio back in 1816, making it one of the oldest breeds of swine. These pigs have the highest pork production per pound, and the largest hog weighed in at 2,552 pounds.

The Aberdeen Angus, commonly referred to as Angus cattle, are a breed of cattle which were native to Aberdeenshire in Scotland. These cows, both the Red and Black Angus, are typically bred for their meat and also for crossbreeding.

The Nubian goat, despite its name, is a British breed of domestic goat which originated from cross-breeding local breeds with goats from the Middle East and North Africa. It is a dual purpose animal whose milk and meat are harvested in large quantities.

The Chester white swine is a breed of domestic pig which originated in Chester County in Pennsylvania around 1815. They were popularly used for crossbreeding as well as for meat production.

The Texas longhorn is a breed of cattle which is easily identifiable for its horns, which can extend almost 6 feet from tip to tip. They are predominantly bred for their beef which has been said to be lower in cholesterol, fat and calories than other types of beef.

Cochin, also called Cochin-China, is a breed of domestic chicken which is known for its large feathered legs. Typically reared for exhibition or poultry shows, they are also used to hatch the eggs of ducks and turkey and rarely for meat production.

Hereford is a breed of British beef cattle which originate from Herefordshire, England. In many parts of the world, they make up the largest portion of registered cattle and are typically raised for beef production.

The Dorser, sometimes called the Horned Dorset, is an ancient breed of sheep which have been used primarily as dairy sheep and for their wool - which produces five to nine pounds a year. They are easily identified by their horns, which curve forward.

Beefmaster is a breed of cattle which was developed by crossing a Hereford or Shorthorn cow with a Brahman bull. This type of cattle is known for being versatile and can be used for both beef and milk production.

The Mangalica is a breed of Hungarian domestic pig which was developed by crossbreeding other Hungarian pig breeds with the European wild boar. These pigs, which are bred to create sausages, are known for having a thick wooly coat.

The Simmental cattle, sometimes called the Swiss fleckvieh, is a breed of cattle which are raised for both its meat and milk production. The cow has also been crossbred to create other popular European breeds of cattle.

The Sussex is breed of British chicken which are bred for both its eggs (approximately 200 a year) and its meat. It is one of the oldest British chickens and there are eight colors currently recognized.

The Shorthorn is a breed of cattle which originated in 18th century Northeast England. They were used for both dairy and beef production, however different bloodlines had their specialty which over time diverged into two separate breeds, the milking shorthorn, ​and the beef shorthorn.

The Charolais is a breed of beef cattle which originated from Charolaise in eastern France. This breed was typically bred for its meat but also to cross with other breeds including Angus, Hereford and Brahmans.

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