Quiz: How Many of These Fruits With Stones and Pits Can You Identify?
How Many of These Fruits With Stones and Pits Can You Identify?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Pixabay

About This Quiz

Not too long ago, stone and pitted fruits were mostly associated with warm-weather activities, like cook-outs and pool parties, as these fruits were typically available commercially during the spring and summer seasons only. In the 21st century, however, things have changed quite a bit. See if you can identify some of the new (and not so new) varieties of these fruits that are now available almost all-year-round.

Genetic engineering is no longer a thing of science fiction. Literally, the "fruits" of sciency labor are now available on the shelves at your local market. This test will surely get your creative juices flowing about some of the juiciest foods on the planet!

Some words of advice for the uninitiated foodies: No, plumcot is not a droid from another galaxy sent to earth to spy on cats; it's a stone fruit. Despite what you may have heard, a peacherine is not the new and improved self-playing version of the tambourine instrument. Peacherine is a stone fruit. And the aprium is not a new-age laser procedure to separate unibrows; it's also a stone fruit. Still, recall more familiar stone-fruit favorites along this food quiz journey; you'll take a few laps down that lane, as well. Let's begin!

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Which avocado variety is the most popular in the United States?
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Which type of apricot is easy to cultivate at home and is California's favorite?
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What is the black- or brown-colored olive that is named after a city in southern Peloponnese, Greece?
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What spicy-tasting fruit, which looks like a dinosaur egg, is a cross between a plum and an apricot and has a greenish-yellow skin with red blotching?
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The seeds from which succulent fruit are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine?
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Which stone fruit is a very sweet plum/apricot hybrid and well-deserves its delectable name?
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Which white-flesh fruit's skin is green, red or yellow-red in color, and also buds into rare strains that do not contain seeds?
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Also known as "Honey mango," which mango has very soft flesh that melts in your mouth?
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Which common, local fruit in India is often made into culinary chutneys?
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Which variety of plum is named after its fruit-bearing tree found primarily in Central Europe?
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Ripe avocados are usually rich and creamy, but don't expect a creamy texture from which pear-shaped avocado breed?
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American rock metal band Warrant sang about which type of pie in a '90s song classic?
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Vintage martini beverages feature which one of these hollowed fruits on a toothpick?
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Oil pressed from which fruit is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats?
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The tree that produces which stone fruit is native to the South China Guangdong province?
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Which clingstone peach has yellow flesh and a rare smooth skin?
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Smoother skin is the only difference between peach and which fruit?
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Which mango grows near the similarly-named "Girnar" mountain ranges of India?
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Thick-paste versions of which fruit are a Mexican cuisine favorite?
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Which stone fruit is a rather huge aspect of a popular novel for grade-schoolers?
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Which stone fruit becomes a sweet-tasting prune if you wait long enough to eat it?
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What is the name of this juicy, super-sweet freestone fruit with white flesh that's considered a taste test winner?
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Can you guess the name of this fruit that is of Japanese origin?
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Which hybrid will you get if you cross a plum with an apricot?
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Which nutritious fruit is cultivated primarily in the eastern Mediterranean region?
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What is the name of this "interspecific" plum/nectarine/peach hybrid with white flesh and pink skin when ripe (maroon skin when budding)?
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What is a fruit that is also called "cherry plum"?
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The 1992 film "Lorenzo's Oil" portrays a father who discovers the healing powers of rapeseed and which small fruit in order to cure his sick son?
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What cherry is native to South America and is also called "Barbados cherry"?
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What stone fruit packs more calories per bite than most other fruits?
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Which stone fruit ripens to a pinkish-red or red color and has either a smooth skin or rough skin texture due to small, sharp projections?
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What is a stone fruit hybrid that's an anagram of a popular celestial body?
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What tasty fruit is a natural, yet smaller version of peach and nectarine?
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Also known as a "flat peach," which type of peach is shaped like a donut?
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Which avocado cultivar is of Guatemalan parentage?
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"Chaunsa" is the name of which fruit that originated in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan?
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Georgia is known for its abundant crop of which sweet stone fruit favorite?
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If you like a really tart skin, which apricot/peach/plum hybrid would you probably choose?
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According to US legend, a young George Washington is known for chopping down a tree that bears which fruit?
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Which fruit is also called "alligator pear" and is best known for its bumpy skin and relatively large stone seed compared to other stone fruits?
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