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"Harry Potter" is a series of novels about a young wizard, named Harry Potter, who with the help of his friends struggle to take down the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. As one would expect, the books are filled with wonder, mythical creatures, and magic. One of the ways that magic was practiced was by using wands to cast spells. With a swish of the wand and a flick of the wrist and the proper pronunciation, there were no limits to what people could do.

No Wizarding World would be complete without an awesome list of spells, and the world of Harry Potter is no different. With spells that can open doors, to spells that can hide someone's memories, to the three unforgivable curses, there are spells for virtually everything.

Have you read all of the books or seen all of the movies? Would you be able to identify the spells if you heard or saw them, and would you know what they do? Well, this quiz was designed to test your knowledge of these spells. Take it to see just how much you really about these spells. Maybe if you get all of them right, you'll get a wand in the mail.

Which Harry Potter spell is used to summon objects?

In "Harry Potter," you can see Harry using the spell Accio to summon his broom. Brooms, of course, are used in the game Quidditch.


What is the spell Alohomora used for?

In the series, Hermione Granger is the first to use the spell Alohomora. She is seen using it to open a door in their pursuit of the Sorcerer's Stone.


What is the spell Colloportus used for?

Colloportus is a spell used to lock doors. Although it can be countered with Alohomora, the object will not be able to be opened by Muggles.


Which spell is used to heal minor injuries?

Episkey is a spell used to heal minor injuries. The spell is used in the series to heal Harry's nose after it has been broken.


Which of these is not an Unforgivable Curse?

Sectumsempra is not an Unforgivable Curse, although it is painful. Harry is seen using this on Draco Malfoy, after he finds the curse in Snape's old "Defense the Dark Arts" book.


The spell Obliviate is used to do what?

Obliviate is used to remove someone's memory. Lockhart attempted to use this on Harry and Ron after they saved Ginny from Voldemort and the basilisk. The spell backfired and he couldn't even remember his own name.


What spell is used to clean objects?

Scourgify is the spell used to clean objects. In one of Snape's memories, James Potter is seen using this spell against him.


What is the spell Hermione is seen teaching Ron in "The Sorcerer's Stone?"

During Flitwick's charms class, Hermione is shown "helping" Ron master the pronunciation of Wingardium Leviosa. Ron isn't too fond of this lesson.


Which of these spells is a severing charm?

Diffindo is a spell that is used to sever things. Harry is seen using this spell on his "Defense Against the Dark Arts" textbook, as well as on Cedric's satchel.


Which spell is used to "turn off" other spells?

Finite Incantatem is used to finish a spell's duration or activity. The spell can be shortened to Finite with the same results.


What is the spell for producing fire?

The curse Incendio creates flames and, as seen the sixth film, it is an effective tool in battle.


What is the name of the spell James Potter uses on Severus Snape to hang him upside down?

Levicorpus is a spell used to dangle someone in the air. We are first introduced to this spell in the "Order of the Phoenix." Harry looks into a Pensieve and sees his father using the spell on Snape.


Which of these spells is the opposite of the Lumos spell?

Nox is the counter to Lumos. While Lumos will illuminate something or turn lights on, Nox will do the opposite.


Petrificus Totalus is also known as what kind of curse?

Petrificus Totalus is a spell used to completely bind one's body without any tools or ropes.


Which of these spells is the counter charm to Engorgio?

Engorgio is the charm used to enlarge things, so naturally, the counter-spell, Reducio, would be used to make things smaller.


Which of these spells is used to torture the victim?

The Cruciatus Curse, which is cast with the word Crucio is used to inflict pain on others. The spell is often used by Voldemort and his Death Eaters.


What color is Avada Kedavra (the Killing Curse?)

Avada Kedavra is seen being used many times throughout the series. It appears as a green bolt of light and is first seen as a flashback in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."


What is the spell that is used to fend off Dementors?

Expecto Patronum is introduced in the third installment of the series. Harry is taught this spell to fight off the Dementors.


What spell are Harry and his classmates taught to fend off Boggarts?

In the third installment, Lupin teaches Harry and his classmates how to fend off Boggarts. Ron's Boggart comes through the cabinet as a spider, while Neville's is Snape.


Which of these is the vanishing spell?

Evanesco is a spell used to make things vanish. Severus Snape can be seen using this spell in the fifth installment of the series.


What does the spell Expelliarmus do?

Expelliarmus is also known as the disarming charm. The spell will cause the victim's wand to fly out of their hands. This spell is often used by Harry Potter.


Which of these spells involves mind control?

Imperio is one of the Unforgivable Curses that takes away someone's will. The caster can control the person with vocal or nonvocal thoughts and commands.


Which spell did Dumbledore use to slow down Harry's body when he fell off his broom in a Quidditch match?

After the Dementors attack Harry at a Quidditch match in his third year, Dumbledore uses Arresto Momentum to slow down his movement when it causes him to fall off his broom.


Which spell does Hermione use to fix Harry's glasses on the Hogwarts Express?

When Hermione first meets Harry on the Hogwarts Express, she notices his broken glasses. She fixes them for him with a quick spell.


What spell does Vincent Crabbe cast in the Room of Requirement that creates a huge fire?

In the Room of Requirement, Crabbe casts the spell for Fiendfyre, which is an uncontrollable force. The fire eventually kills him.


Which of these spells did Harry use to bring himself to the top of the Black Lake during the Triwizard Tournament?

During the Triwizard Tournament, Harry eats Gillyweed to adopt fish-like qualities to swim in the Black Lake. When it runs out, he uses Ascendio to propel himself up through the water.


Which of these spells turns an item into a Portkey?

Portus is the spell that will turn an object into a Portkey. We see the first use of Portkeys in the fourth Harry Potter installment, when the group travels to the Quidditch World Cup.


Which of these spells would allow you to see someone's thoughts and memories?

Legilimens is a spell used to get into someone's mind and see their thoughts. In the sixth installment, Severus Snape uses this spell on Harry during his Occlumency lessons.


Which of these spells allows you to lift something and move it at your will?

Locomotor is a spell that gives the caster the ability to move the object at their will.


Lumos is used to light which of these things?

Lumos is a spell that is used to light the end of the wand. It acts as a flashlight of sorts.


Which of these spells is meant to stun the victim?

Stupefy is one of the most used spells throughout the films. It is used to stun the victim and is one of the spells that Harry relies on during Dumbledore's Army.


Which of these spells creates the Death Eater sign?

The first time we see the Death Eater sign is in the fourth installment, at the Quidditch World Cup. Morsmordre conjures up the sign.


Which of these spells blocks sound from the victim's ears?

Muffliato is a spell created to muffle the victim's ears so they can't hear nearby conversations. This was another spell that was created by Severus Snape.


Which of these healing spells will stop a victim from choking?

Anapneo is a healing spell that will stop the victim from choking. The spell is used by Horace Slughorn during one of the Slug Club parties.


Which of these spells will duplicate something?

Just like the twins zodiac of Gemini, the spell Geminio will duplicate an object.


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