How Many Justin Biebers Could You Take in a Fight?

Zoe Samuel

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Justin Bieber may be primarily known as a crooning Canadian who hit it big when a record executive spotted his videos on YouTube, but— as Justin Bieber himself has noted — he always loves generating controversy ... and what better way to gin up the media than to promise to get into a fight with the biggest movie star in the world? That's right, in summer 2019, Bieber made waves by offering to fight Tom Cruise, saying that he was sure he could beat him. After all, Bieber has a track record of getting into fights, as he was once involved in a short brawl after a Cavaliers game in Cleveland. However, when the prospect of a real-life charity fight was mooted, he suddenly agreed that Cruise would probably "whoop [his] ass", which is wise, since he was rather swiftly knocked down in Cleveland.

However, now that the threat of being dragged into a Bieber brawl has been levied against no less a man than Tom Cruise, clearly none of us can assume that we will never find ourselves going toe-to-toe with the man himself. It is thus important to ask yourself that vital question — could you beat Justin Bieber in a fight, if you really had to? Could you beat more than one of him? It's time to find out.

How often do you work out?

Would you have a problem with actually fighting Justin Bieber?

How do feel about the inevitable wrath of the Beliebers, in the event that you land a blow?

Do you have any martial arts training?

Are you willing to sign the very long legal consent form you'd need to sign?

If you ever went on "American Ninja Warrior," how do you think you would do?

Are you fast on your feet?

Could you bear to spend the necessary time on gossip websites to taunt Bieber accurately?

If someone asked you how many tattoos Justin Bieber has, how close would you get?

Do you know who originally discovered Justin Bieber?

What venue will you choose for the fight?

What would you do to distract Bieber mid-fight?

The Biebs is only 5'9". How tall are you?

What videogame will you use to psych yourself up?

Which instrument will you use as your weapon?

What will you bring with you to trigger Bieber's hayfever, thus weakening him at the crucial moment?

Rumor has it that Justin Bieber is claustrophobic. How will you use this phobia against him?

What will you wear for the fight?

You can choose the weapons, but they must be edible. What will you choose?

What is your fighting slogan?

How will you persuade Tom Cruise to cheer for you?

What sound will you make when you attack?

When you meet ahead of the fight, how will you unsettle your opponent?

Which rule of fighting clean will you break in order to ensure a swift victory?

How much can you bench?

Would you consider yourself a fan of Justin Bieber?

Why would you agree to fight Justin Bieber in the first place?

How will you distract Bieber's bodyguards?

What is your trick for getting around the hordes of screaming teens who will defend Bieber with their lives?

To what charity will you donate your winnings from the fight?

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