Quiz: How Many of These '80s Drama Movies Can You Name?
How Many of These '80s Drama Movies Can You Name?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: IndieProd Company Productions

About This Quiz

We all love movies, don't we?

No matter what the decade, Hollywood has the ability to turn out classic movies time and time again. And speaking of decades, the 1980s certainly had some of the greatest movies ever produced, across the full spectrum of genres. 

But it was in the drama genre that Hollywood truly outdid itself in the 1980s. Time and time again, it produced movies that not only made us sit on the edge of our seats but also reach for our box of tissues! 

Think of "My Left Foot," an acting tour de force from Daniel Day-Lewis, along with a brilliant story. What about "Sophie's Choice"? Another incredible movie backup with stellar acting from Meryl Streep. Or "Taps" from 1981, another incredible drama that kept us enthralled.

And there are so many more Hollywood drama's that 40 years on, we still remember and talk about.

So that's why you are here. We want you to see how much you remember about 40 Hollywood dramas from the 1980s. Can you identify them from just an image? 

Don't worry if you aren't sure. Our clues will put you on the right track!

So what are you waiting for? Lights! Camera! Action!

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