Quiz: How Much Of A Flag Nerd Are You?
How Much Of A Flag Nerd Are You?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Wiki Commons by Marc Mongenet

About This Quiz

Wave your flag! Here's your chance to proudly display your knowledge of flags taken from every corner of the globe!

The term "vexillology" for the scientific study of flags was coined as recently as the 1950s, but flags have been an integral part of human culture from the beginning of history. While some countries have seen fit to change their flags over the course of time, there is one country which has stuck with the same flag since the 13th century. Got any idea which country it is? Check out the quiz for the answer!

Depictions of the Sun, Moon, and stars are fairly common among the flags of the world. In fact, several national flags feature a crescent moon plus a single star or multiple stars. We're pretty sure you know a few of them but can you pinpoint the two countries whose flags feature the Sun on a solid background and nothing else!

The colors used on flags tend to carry significant meaning and you will find that some colors get used much more often than others. Take the colors red, white and blue for instance. Only one country's flag does not bear any of those three colors. Do you know which one it is? Yeah, mon - we know you do!

Many national flags have interesting facts associated with them - from how they were chosen to how they compare to the flags of other nations. We'll share many of these juicy tidbits with you for each flag you'll come across in the quiz.

Whether you're a professional or amateur vexillologist, these 50 unique national flags should be easy for you to identify with their countries. Show off your true colors by taking the quiz right now!

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