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Do you love riddles, brain teasers and puzzles that require critical thinking? If so, we've got the perfect logical quiz for you, which is compiled with 35 questions that will kick your brain into high gear.

Some questions in this quiz will require to recognize patterns with regards to numbers and letters. For example, can you guess what the next number in this pattern is: 3, 6, 9, 12, _____. The answer is 15. The pattern in this sequence involves increasing each number by 3. Therefore, 12 + 3 = 15.

Some questions will also involve riddles and brain teasers. For example, what gets bigger the more you blow on it? The answer is fire, since fire requires air to grow. So, the more you blow on fire, the bigger it gets! Another example would be, what is a + a + b? The answer is 2a + b, since there are 2 a's but only 1 b.

If you think you're ready to put your logical wits to the test, we encourage you to try and score a 90% on this quiz now! If you ever get stumped, we've provided one hint per question to help you out as well! Without further ado, take this quiz now to see how well you can do!

Which of the following has the most weight?

The answer is "all of the above." All of the objects weigh the same, because they all weigh a pound!


Nathan has brown hair, blue eyes, is just over 5 ft. tall and works as a butcher in a grocery store. What do you think he weighs?

The answer is "meat." If Nathan is a butcher, he "weighs" meat!


Jimmy is raising 19 cats. One day, all but 9 of them run away from home. How many does he have left?

The answer is 9. Pay attention to the wording in the question, "all BUT 9 of them ran away," which means he still has 9 cats.


Mark's mom has 6 kids in total. Their names are Sarah, John, Nate, Kate and Max. What is the name of her other child?

The answer is Mark. Pay attention to the first part of the question, "Mark's mom," which means that Mark is the name of her other child!


Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US. Before it was discovered, what was the smallest state?

The answer is Rhode Island. Rhode Island has always been the smallest state, even before it was discovered!


During Leap Year, February has 29 days. What other months have 29 days during Leap Year?

The answer is "all of them." All of the months have 29 days in them, not just February.


What is the next number in this pattern: 2,4,8,16,____.

The right answer is 32. Each number in the pattern is multiplied by 2. 2 times 2 is 4, 4 times 2 is 8, and so on. 16 times 2 is 32, which is the right answer.


Which of the following has many holes, but is still able to contain water?

The correct answer is a sponge. Sponges are made up of many holes, but can absorb water!


You are the driver of a taxi cab. You pick up one passenger, than drop him off at a bar. You pick up two more passengers, but drop only one of them off at a restaurant. There is nothing in the trunk of the cab. What color are the driver's eyes?

The answer is "They are the color of YOUR eyes." You, the reader, are the taxi driver in this question. The rest of the information is simply a diversion.


What is the next letter in this pattern: M, T, W, T, F, ______.

The answer is "S." The pattern is simply made up of the first letter of the days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth. The next letter would be the first letter of Saturday.


Which of the following is the fastest?

The answer is "warm." You can catch a fish, catch a bug, and catch the flu, but you can't "catch" warm. Therefore, it's the fastest!


You can hold this, but you can't touch it, and can only see it when it's cold. What is it?

The answer is "breath." You can hold you breath, but you can't touch it and can only see it when it's cold outside!


I'm a uniform shape when it's cold, but I take the shape of others when it's warm. What am I?

The answer is water. When it's cold, water becomes ice and is in a uniform shape. When it's warm, ice melts and takes on the shape of whatever vessel that it's in!


The more of me you take, the more of me you make. What am I?

The answer is "footsteps." The more footsteps you take, the more footsteps you make!


Imagine being lost in the woods with a plastic bag and a bottle of water. You have no other tools, nor a compass. How do you get out of the woods?

The answer is "stop imagining." Remember, you are "imagining" being lost in the woods!


I am skinny with one eye, but I am unable to see anything. What am I?

The answer is "needle." Needles are sharp, skinny and have only one "eye," where the thread goes through!


The more I dry, the more wet I become. What am I?

The answer is a "towel." The more you use a towel to dry yourself, the more wet it becomes.


I go up every year, but I can never come back down. What am I?

The answer is age. Every year, your age goes up by 1 year, but it can never come back down.


Which of these has hands, but can't hold or pick up things?

The answer is a clock. A clock has hands, but it can't hold or pick up things with them.


I am at the end of a rainbow, and I wouldn't be water without it. What am I?

The right answer is "W." At the end of the word "rainbow" is "w," and you can't have the word "water" without the "w" in front!


One day of the week starts with a "Y." Which is it?

The answer is "yesterday." Yesterday is the only day of the week that starts with a "y."


In one year, how many seconds are there?

The answer is 24. In this context, "seconds" is read as "2nds." Every month has two "2nds," which is "2nd" and "22nd," so there are 24 in total.


I contain many keys but they can't open any locks. What am I?

The answer is a keyboard. A keyboard is made up of many keys, but they can't open any locks or doors!


Jack is an only child. Mary's hair is brown, Sam's hair is blonde and Kim's hair is black. How many brothers and sisters does Jack have?

The answer is none. Jack is an only child, remember? The rest of the information is a diversion.


What is the next number in this pattern: 28, 27, 25, 22, 18, _____.

The answer is 13. 28-1 is 27, 27-2 is 25, 25-3 is 22, 22-4 is 18 and 18-5 is 13.


A one-story house is located on the corner of 5th Avenue. There are three windows on the outside. The inside of the house has one bathroom and one bedroom. Where are the stairs to the basement located?

The answer is "There are no stairs." It's a one-story house, so that means that there are no stairs!


If a=1 and b=2, what is t + o?

The answer is 35. Each letter in the alphabet corresponds to its place via a number. A comes first so it gets a 1. B comes second so it gets a 2. 'O' is the 15th letter in the alphabet and 'T' is the 20th letter in the alphabet. So, t+o, or 15+20, is 35.


Timmy has a rooster who he feeds twice a day. He takes it out for walks and puts it to sleep every night at 7:00. How many eggs will the rooster lay?

The answer is none. Roosters don't lay eggs. The rest of the information in the question is a diversion.


You have an empty, square-shaped container. How many apples are you able to put inside it?

The answer is 1. Once you place 1 apple in it, it's not an empty container anymore!


Rain is nothing without me and pirates love to say me. What am I?

The answer is "R." Rain is nothing without the letter "R" in front (otherwise it wouldn't spell out "rain"), and pirates love to say "arrr!"


There are 10 pieces of candy in a bowl. You take all but 6, John takes 4 and Matt takes 2. How many are left?

The answer is none. If you take "all BUT 6," that means you only took 4 out of the 10 pieces of candy. Since there are 6 candies remaining, and John takes 4 and Matt takes 2 (4+2 is 6) that means that their's none left.


I've belonged to you since birth, but I'm mostly used by other people. What am I?

The answer is your name. You've had your name since birth, but other people call you by your name more than you do!


You can see through a wall with this and it's in almost every home. What is it?

The answer is window. You can see through a wall because a window is there!


If X = A and A = Y, then X also equals...?

The answer is "y." If X = A and A = Y than X must also equal Y as well.


What comes next in the pattern: H, 8, I, 9, J, 10, K,____.

The answer is 11. Each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a number. H is 8, I is 9, J is 10 and K is 11.


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