How Much Do You Know About '50s Cars?

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So, you think you can cruise with the collectors? Prove it by acing this quiz.

1950s cars are among the most collectible in the world. The 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible still ranks as among the most popular collector's cars. '50s Chevys, in general, remain popular. So how do we know that '50s Chevys are still popular? Well, Don McLean drove his Chevy to the levy in "American Pie," Eric Clapton got off on '57 Chevys in the classic "Rock and Roll Heart," and Elton John remembered having "an old gold Chevy" and a place of his own in the iconic "Crocodile Rock." These are but a sampling of the songs that have memorialized '50s Chevys.

But what made Chevys and other '50s vehicles so popular? Style, craftsmanship and culture, baby. Unlike many cars of today, '50s cars were... well...gorgeous. We've certainly lost something in today's models by paring them down in size. Who couldn't help but be impressed as a 1957 red Ford Thunderbird convertible rolled by? It's hard to feel the same about most of today's cars. And, the craftsmanship was impeccable. We've all heard aficionados lament that "they just don't build them like that anymore."

So, if you long for the days when cars where a bigger part of American culture, take this quiz and show your friends just how much you know.

What was the most popular foreign car company​ in the '50s?

What was the Chrysler engine that was an innovation in power?

Who sold the most cars in the '50s?

Who went out of business in the '50s?

Which of these describes design innovations in the '50s?

What kept growing in size in the '50s?

What stopped motor production in 1952?

What became commonplace in 1950s cars?

Who did the U.S. out-produce in terms of car production?

Which of these was popular in the '50s?

In what year was the Ford Edsel introduced?

What was "planned obsolescence"?

Which car manufacturers blossomed in the '50s?

What was the predominant style of cars in the '50s?

When did the Chrysler 300 letter series come out?

Who created the aerodynamic look?

Which of these was popular in the 1950s?

Which is true about '50s cars?

What had a revolution in 1957?

What did the automotive industry think about the one-car family?

Which car was a status-lifter?

Which car manufacturers were casualties in the '50s?

What was created in the '50s?

What was there a huge increase of in 1951?

What was the automotive industry's best year in the '50s?

How many vehicles were made in 1950?

When was air conditioning introduced?

Which of these was a '50s innovation?

Who made a rocket-like fantasy car?

Which museum houses many 1950s dream cars?

What company merged with Packard Motor Company in 1954?

The 1950s auto boom helped to do what?

Why did Crosley Motors fail in the '50s?

Why did car ownership become ubiquitous in the '50s?

When did automatic power windows become commonplace?

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