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Take one crazy love triangle, add a young Audrey Hepburn in one of her most iconic roles and throw in a massive family fortune and you've got "Sabrina." Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this '50s film favorite!

Where is the Larrabee estate located?

"Sabrina" takes place on a massive Long Island estate owned by the Larrabee family and opens as the family hosts its annual summer party.


What is Sabrina's father's role on the estate?

Thomas Fairchild was imported from England, just like several of the family's fancy cars, in order to serve as the family chauffeur. He brings his young daughter Sabrina with him to live on the estate.


Where does David Larrabee like to woo his women?

When the film opens, David is flirting with a young socialite on the tennis court. He later tries the same thing with Sabrina when she reinvents herself later in the film.


How does Sabrina try to commit suicide?

Devastated that she can't have David, Sabrina closes the garage door and turns on all eight cars, hoping to die of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Who saves Sabrina from the garage?

When Linus comes to investigate why all the cars have been switched on, he finds Sabrina alone in the closed garage and takes her to safety.


What does Sabrina study in Paris?

After the eventful night of the Larrabee party, Sabrina heads to cooking school at Mount Douglas in Paris. While she is in France, a wealthy baron helps her transform into a sophisticated young woman.


How many times had David been divorced before becoming engaged to Elizabeth?

David has already been married and divorced three times before Linus arranges for him to marry Elizabeth Tyson.


What commodity does Elizabeth's family bring to the table?

Elizabeth's father owns sugar factories in Puerto Rico. All that sugar can be used to make a special type of plastic developed by Larrabee Industries.


What does Sabrina name her dog?

Sabrina comes home from Paris with a small dog, whom she names David after her long unrequited love.


Who picks Sabrina up at the train station?

As David is driving through town, he spots Sabrina waiting for her father and offers a ride. He spends the drive trying to figure out how he knows her before realizing that she is the daughter of his family's chauffeur.


What does David sit on at the party?

David injures himself after sitting down with a pair of champagne glasses in his back pockets. The next day, Linus gives him a special hammock with a conveniently-located cutout so he is able to rest comfortably.


Who meets Sabrina at the tennis courts the night of the party?

After David tells Sabrina to wait for him at the tennis courts, she is surprised to see Linus, who shows up after David is too injured to meet her.


Where does Linus take Sabrina the day after the party?

Hoping to distract her from David and protect his valuable merger with the Tysons, Linus takes Sabrina sailing the day after the party.


What does Sabrina tell Linus that he wouldn't need in Paris?

Sabrina tells Linus to leave his umbrella behind if he ever goes to Paris because it will make him look like a tourist.


How does Linus plan to get rid of Sabrina?

Linus buys Sabrina a boat ticket to Paris and plans to pay for her living expenses when she arrives in France. He'll also reward Mr. Fairchild with some Larrabee stock to make up for how he treated the chauffeur's daughter.


Who ends up going to Paris with Sabrina at the end of the film?

After realizing that Linus and Sabrina are actually in love, David gives up the chase and arranges for a tugboat to take Linus to Sabrina so the pair can go to Paris together.


What drives Linus to keep working so hard?

As Linus explains to David -- it's not money or power that drives him, but the realization that he is putting shoes on the bare feet of poor children that keeps him focused on the business.


Who did director Billy Wilder want to play the role of Linus?

Billy Wilder wanted Cary Grant to play older brother Linus in the film, but Grant turned down the role. Humphrey Bogart took the role, even though it was not a typical one for him -- and even though he was about 30 years older than love interest Audrey Hepburn at the time.


Audrey Hepburn had a love affair with this actor during the film.

Audrey Hepburn and William Holden -- who played David -- fell hard for one another during filming, but the affair fell apart when the movie was finished.


Which designer dressed Hepburn in the film?

Hubert de Givenchy provided many of the dresses Hepburn wore in the film. The actress' relationship with the designer lasted throughout her entire career.


Which of these categories gave "Sabrina" its only Oscar?

Despite six nominations -- including a Best Actress nod for Hepburn -- the film won just one Academy Award, for costume design.


Which of these inspired the film?

The 1954 film was inspired by a Samuel A. Taylor Broadway production in 1953 called "Sabrina Fair."


What year did "Sabrina" get its famous star-studded remake?

Director Sydney Pollack brought the film back to the big screen in 1995, with Julia Ormond in the role of Sabrina.


Who played Linus in the 1995 remake?

It was Harrison Ford who played the serious older Larrabee, with Greg Kinnear -- in one of his earliest film roles -- playing the charming younger brother David.


Why does Sabrina head to Paris in the 1995 remake of the film?

In the 1995 remake of the film, Sabrina heads to Paris for an internship at Vogue, not to attend a famous French cooking school as she did in the original movie.


Elizabeth Tyson is a doctor in the 1995 "Sabrina" remake.

Poor Elizabeth, who is not much more than a pawn in the business dealings between the Larrabees and her father, gets an upgrade in the remake. She is no longer a simple socialite, but is actually a doctor in the 1995 film.


How much is the deal between the Larrabees and the Tysons worth in the 1995 film?

In the original film, Linus brags that the deal with Mr. Tyson is worth $20 million. By 1995, the deal has improved quite a bit and is worth a whopping $1 billion -- which almost makes it worth breaking Sabrina's heart this time.


The 1995 remake was a box office smash.

The 1995 version of "Sabrina" was a major disappointment at the box office, earning just $5.6 million its opening weekend on a budget of $50 million.


Which character from the 1954 film is absent from the 1995 version?

The Larrabee family patriarch, Oliver, doesn't appear in the remake. Instead, he is replaced by Maude Larrabee, played by Nancy Marchand.


Where does Linus take Sabrina on their first date in the 1995 version of the film?

Forget a simple sail on the river; in the 1995 version of the film, Linus woos Sabrina by flying her to Martha's Vineyard under the pretense of photographing a summer cottage that the family owns in the area.


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