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Take one hardworking showbiz dad, add a traditional wife and kids and throw in some of the most famous guest stars in Hollywood and you've got "Make Room for Daddy." This sitcom ran for more than a decade in the '50s and '60s, combining memorable singing performances with classic comedy. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the Williams family!

Which '50s entertainer starred on "Make Room for Daddy?"

Born Amos Muzyad Yakhoob Kairouz in Lebanon, he was known as Danny Thomas in the U.S. He spent years doing nightclub appearances and TV guest spots before landing his own series "Make Room for Daddy." After Season 3, producers capitalized on Thomas' fame by changing the name of the series to "The Danny Thomas Show."


What was Danny Williams' profession on the show?

Thomas played entertainer Danny Williams, who performed at the Copa Club in New York City, but also spent plenty of time on the road -- much to the annoyance of his wife and kids.


What was the name of Danny's wife on the show?

Actress Jean Hagen played Danny's wife Margaret. When Hagen decided to leave the show after Season 3, producers made Thomas a widow and had Margaret die off-screen.


How many kids did Margaret and Danny have?

The Williams had two children -- daughter Terry, played by Sherry Jackson, and son Rusty, played by Rusty Hamer.


What was the name of the family's housekeeper?

Family housekeeper Louise spent as much time helping Margaret stand up against her husband as she did cleaning the house. Louise Beavers played the role until 1955, when Beavers left the show and Amanda Rudolph took over.


Where did Margaret take Danny on their second honeymoon?

After 12 years of marriage, the Williams were long overdue for a second honeymoon. Margaret planned a trip to Atlantic City, but Danny found a way to work when he was supposed to be spending time with his wife.


What is Danny asked to do if he wants to become a movie star during Season 2?

During Season 2, Danny has a chance to make it in Hollywood, but if he wants to make it big in pictures, he'll need a new nose.


Where did Margaret grow up?

Margaret's parents were in vaudeville, so she was raised on her aunt and uncle's farm in Wisconsin. The Williams family heads back to the farm for a visit in the Season 2 finale, and Danny struggles with the peace and quiet of rural life.


Where is Danny's dream location for performing?

In Season 3, Danny's lifelong dream of playing the London Palladium comes true. Now he just has to find a way to coax his family onto a plane for their very first airplane trip.


What is the name of Danny's wacky uncle?

Danny's crazy Uncle Tonoose manages to get the family into all sorts of unusual predicaments throughout the series. Played by Hans Conried, Tonoose spends much of his time ensuring that every member of the family ends up happily married, before devoting himself to the pleasures of the single life.


What does Danny do to brighten up the kids' first Christmas without their mother?

To help his kids make it through their first Christmas after losing their mother, Danny brings home a troop of circus clowns in Season 4.


What disease helps Danny meet Kathy?

After Rusty comes down with the measles, Danny hires a nurse named Kathy to care for his sick son. Kathy promptly catches the measles herself and later falls in love with Danny.


Where do Danny and Kathy go on their honeymoon?

In the Season 5 finale, the newly married Danny and Kathy head for Las Vegas for a honeymoon with the entire family in tow.


What is the name of Kathy's daughter?

Rusty was no longer the youngest member of the Williams clan once Kathy married Danny and her daughter Linda -- played by Angela Cartwright -- came to live with the family.


What is Terry's first job?

Terry takes her first job as a store salesgirl in Season 5. After she struggles with competition from her fellow salesgirls, her father tries to help her by sending customers her way.


What does Jose Jiminez do on the show?

Played by Bill Dana, the less than PC Jose Jiminez character appeared on various programs throughout the '50s and '60s. He was often shown on "The Danny Thomas Show" as an elevator operator.


Where does the Williams' exchange student hail from?

In Season 6, the Williams welcome Italian exchange student Gina Minelli, who was played by Annette Funicello.


Who befriends a giant in the Season 6 finale?

In the Season 6 finale episode "Linda's Giant," young Linda swears that her new friend is a real giant named Mr. Jumbo. Though everyone thinks she is exaggerating, the family eventually discovers that a local doorman matches the description of Linda's "giant" perfectly.


Where does Terry head to boarding school in Season 6?

When Sherry Jackson was ready to move on from the show, her character was sent to boarding school in Paris early on in Season 6.


What was the name of Terry's husband, whom she marries in Season 7?

The character of Terry was played by actress Penney Parker in Season 7. When Terry returns from boarding school, she falls in love with Danny's friend Pat Hannigan and the couple move to California after marrying.


Why is Danny arrested by Sheriff Andy Taylor?

In a crossover with "The Andy Griffith Show," Danny gets arrested after rolling through a stop sign. Though he tries to argue that his actions were justified, he can't compete with Sheriff Taylor, who is not only the sheriff but also the justice of the peace and the editor of the local newspaper.


What object convinces Danny that Kathy is a kleptomaniac in the Season 8 premiere?

After spotting piles of mail in the apartment, Danny is convinced Kathy is a secret kleptomaniac. He later learns that Kathy and Linda are just trying to help the mailman cure his aching feet.


What is the name of Charley Halper's wife?

Charley Halper serves as Danny's manager later in the series. He and his wife Bunny are good friends with the Williams and end up having a baby of their own in Season 9.


Where is Kathy from?

Kathy hails from Ireland. She and her husband spend much of the tenth season touring Europe, including a visit to the Emerald Isle in the episode "The Ould Sod."


What do Kathy and Bunny secretly purchase in the Season 11 premiere?

Kathy and Bunny surprise their husbands by purchasing a house that needs a lot of work in the Season 11 premiere episode "The Country Squires." Once the house is finally fixed up, the two couples start clashing the very first time they spend a weekend together in the new place.


Where does Piccola Pupa hail from?

Danny and Kathy meet singer Piccola Pupa on their trip to Italy. They bring her to New York so she can sing jazz at the Copa but are surprised when she only wants to perform opera music.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Make Room for Daddy"/"The Danny Thomas Show" ran for 344 episodes over 11 seasons from 1953 to 1965. It started on ABC before switching to CBS in 1957.


What year did the sequel "Make Room for Granddaddy" premiere?

Danny Thomas and most of the rest of the cast returned for a sequel called "Make Room for Granddaddy, which premiered in 1970 and ran for only a single season. The show also produced three reunion specials in 1965, 1967 and 1969.


What was the name of Sherry's son on "Make Room for Granddaddy?"

In "Make Room for Granddaddy," Sherry is now married to a military man named Bill. She leaves her son Michael with Danny and Kathy so she can travel overseas with her husband.


Who came up with the title "Make Room for Daddy?"

Danny Thomas' wife Rose came up with the title for the show. When her entertainer husband was away, her children would sleep in her bedroom with her. When he came home from his travels, she would have them move their stuff out of the room to "make room for Daddy."


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