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"That Girl" was a television trailblazer, forging new paths for women on TV and proving that not every girl had to settle down and get married to attract an audience. Take our quiz and see how much you remember about Ann Marie and her life in the big city!

Who played Ann Marie on the show?

It was '60s beauty Marlo Thomas who played the title character Ann Marie, a small-town girl trying to make it in the big city. Thomas would play a major role in steering the direction of the show to eschew traditional gender roles and reflect the lives of modern women.


Who was Ann's boyfriend on the show?

Ann met boyfriend Donald Hollinger on the show's first episodes and dated him throughout the entire series. Ted Bessell played the role of Donald on "That Girl."


What was Ann's dream job on the show?

Ann moved from the small town of Brewster, New York, to Manhattan to pursue a career as an actress. Throughout the series, she found herself taking on all kinds of odd jobs to support herself as she waited to make it big.


Ann turns down a movie role in Season 2 because it has a nude scene.

Ann will do anything to make it as an actress -- except go nude. When a big Italian director offers her a part in a film during Season 2, Ann turns down the role because she just can't deal with the idea of being nude on film.


How many seasons did the show last?

Marlo Thomas was ready to move on and pulled the plug after Season 5. The show ran for 137 episodes over five seasons, from 1966 to 1971.


What actor tries to woo Ann in "She Never Had the Vegas Notion?

Jack Cassidy played entertainer Marty Haines, who tried to win Ann's heart in the two-part Season 4 episode "She Never Had the Vegas Notion."


Which girly magazine does Ann appear in during Season 3?

Ann is mortified to find that her head has been pasted on a nude model's body in an issue of "Playpen" in Season 3 -- just as she has landed a big role on a children's program.


Why does Ann want to get to know her neighbors in "No Man is a Manhattan?"

In an attempt to get to know her neighbors so she can win a game show, Ann throws a party for her neighbors in the episode "No Man is a Manhattan." The party goes wrong when her purse gets stolen, leaving her and Don to find out whodunit.


Which of these other ordinary objects trapped Ann during the run of "That Girl?"

"That Girl" wasn't afraid to use physical comedy to win laughs. In addition to getting her finger stuck in the kitchen faucet, Ann once got her toe stuck in a bowling ball -- and spent other episodes trapped in a shower and in a fold-up bed.


What magazine does Donald write for?

Donald is a writer for Newsview magazine. He initially meets Ann when she takes a job at a newsstand in the lobby of his office building.


What role did Ann Marie play in the 1973 animated version of the series?

In the 1973 special "That Girl in Wonderland," Ann Marie was a children's book host who imagined she was part of classic books, from "Sleeping Beauty" to "The Wizard of Oz."


Who moves in with Ann in the second episode of the series?

Ann has just settled into her new apartment in Manhattan when her mother Helen shows up at the door. Helen has had a fight with Ann's father and wants to stay with her until things cool off.


What are Ann and Donald battling over in the first episode of the series?

In the first episode of "That Girl," Ann and Donald battle over who gets to buy a rolltop desk. Ann eventually allows Donald to buy the desk after he "saves her life" when she is filming a TV commercial.


What does Ann have to sell in her job as a traveling saleswoman in Season 1?

Ann takes a job as a traveling saleswoman to free up time for her acting career, but finds herself struggling to make a sale when she realizes the shoes she's selling are made of cardboard.


What role does Harvey help Ann land in the second episode of the series?

Ann is excited that her agent Harvey Peck has managed to find a role for her -- until she learns that she will be playing a dancing mop on a children's TV show.


What is the name of Ann's alter-ego when she stars on a soap opera in Season 1?

When Ann gets a role as the villainous Sheila on a soap opera, Don's mother thinks Ann will be just as evil as her character and decides to hate her son's girlfriend before she even meets her.


Which comedian guest stars in the Season 2 premiere?

In "Pass the Potatoes Ethel Merman," Ann is thrilled to land a role in an Ethel Merman play, and even more thrilled when the star agrees to come to dinner with her. Merman would appear once more in Season 2, when she had tongues wagging that she was taking part in an affair with Ann's father.


Who is the first person Ann meets when she moves into her new apartment?

Ann's neighbor Judy Bessemer allows Ann to use her phone, which stretches all the way across Ann's apartment. Judy has a husband named Leon, who's an obstetrician, and a son named Stanley, who Ann sometimes babysits.


Who proposes to Ann in Season 2?

Much to Donald's annoyance, Ann is pursued by a California photographer named Noel Prince throughout several episodes of Season 2, culminating in a surprise proposal that Ann turns down.


Where does Ann get mugged?

In the Season 3 episode "A Muggy Day in Central Park," Ann is mugged in the famous Manhattan park. While investigating the crime, Don dresses in drag to try to attract the mugger -- and runs into Ann's father.


What does a hypnotist cause Ann to do in Season 4?

While undergoing hypnosis at the dentist, Ann is hypnotized to shop til she drops -- just as she's trying her best to finally stick to a budget.


What household object keeps Ann from making her Broadway debut in Season 4?

On the Season 4 episode "Opening Night," Ann spends a frustrating night with her finger stuck in the kitchen faucet when she is supposed to be performing in a Broadway show.


What does Ann use to choose her stocks in Season 4?

When Ann decides to invest in the stock market, she uses a stock broker's discarded grocery list to decide what to buy in the Season 4 episode "Stocks and the Single Girl."


What is the focus of the lawsuit in the Season 4 episode "Gone-A-Courtin?"

In the Season 4 episode "Gone-A-Courtin," Ann takes a role as a lawyer's assistant to help impress a producer, who is embroiled in a shish kabob-related lawsuit.


Who is Ann baking a cake for when she loses her engagement ring?

In the Season 5 episode "That Cake," Ann loses her engagement ring just as she is baking a cake that she will deliver to the governor of New York.


Who jumps out of the cake at Don's stag party?"

Don's stag party goes slightly awry in Season 5 when Ann's father Lew jumps out of a cake dressed in a provocative outfit.


Where do Ann and Don spend the series finale?

In the series finale "The Elevated Woman," Ann and Don spend the episode trapped in an elevator reminiscing about all the good times they've had over the years. By the end of the series, Marlo Thomas was an executive producer on the show and made it a point that Ann and Don should not get married on the show. Instead, she wanted viewers to know that women could have a happy ending that didn't necessarily include a husband.


What show is Ann performing in when she goes to Vegas?

Ann is thrilled to land a two-week gig on "Funny Man." She brings Don along to Nevada to see the sites and help her settle in.


Who is Ann's co-star in her Vegas show?

In a practical joke by Marty aimed at stealing Ann away, Don is tricked into thinking he married Ann's co-star Joanne Ferrer, played by Hope Holiday.


What brand of soda is Ann peddling in the Season 3 episode "My Sister's Keeper"?

Ann lands a commercial for Pop soda in Season 3. Marlo Thomas' real-life sister Terre Thomas played the singer Rose Cassanetti in the commercial, while her brother Tony Thomas played Rose's agent.


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