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Take one proper British butler, add a pair of busy parents and throw in a few crazy kids and you've got "Mr. Belvedere." Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this '80s classic!

What is Mr. Belvedere doing as each episode of the show ends?

At the end of each episode, Mr. Belvedere sits down to write in his journal, narrating as he goes, summarizing how he saved the Owens family from yet another predicament.


How many kids are in the Owens family?

Mr. Belvedere helps care for the three Owens children. From youngest to oldest they are Wesley, Heather and Kevin.


Why does the family need a butler?

With mom Marsha Owens busy trying to make it through law school, the Owens need someone to keep the kids on track and clean the house. They reach out to a service agency and find Mr. Belvedere, who once worked for Winston Churchill.


What does Mr. Owens do for a living?

George Owens starts the show as a sportswriter, but eventually moves to a role as a sportscaster as the show progresses. Marsha also graduates from law school and begins her career as a lawyer.


Who is Wesley's best friend?

Wesley's best friend Miles Knobnoster, played by Casey Ellison, is known for his impressive orthodontic headgear.


Who always calls Mr. Belvedere by the wrong name?

Heather's clueless BFF Angela Shistakovich never manages to master Mr. Belvedere's name throughout the series.


Which of the Owens kids has an ongoing feud with the neighbors?

It's Wesley Owens who can't seem to stop antagonizing the Hufnagels, who have a housekeeper of their own named Lisa.


What group is always trying to make George a member?

George joins a charity group called the Happy Guys of Pittsburgh, who even pick George as their Man of the Year at one point.


What activity does Wesley choose over football in Season 1?

Enthralled with dance after watching ballet with Mr. Belvedere, Wesley decides to skip football and take ballet. The family then spends their time trying to keep Wesley's dance classes secret. The youngest member of the Owens family does eventually join the football team later in the series.


What does George do to prove his manliness in the episode "Gorgeous George?"

After getting in a fight at a wrestling match and having Mr. Belvedere step in to save him, George buys a motorcycle so he can feel like more of a man.


Which member of the family goes to jail for spray painting a mink coat?

When Kevin takes up activism to impress a girl, he ends up in jail after spray painting a mink coat in an animal rights protest.


What item of Mr. Belvedere's does Wesley sell in the Season 2 episode "Strike?"

While trying to raise money for the family after George's newspaper goes on strike, Wesley secretly sells Mr. Belvedere's very expensive Faberge egg.


What does Mr. Belvedere become addicted to in Season 2?

When George buys a pinball machine and quickly grows bored with it, Mr. Belvedere starts playing. He eventually gets so addicted that he neglects his duties, forcing George to get rid of the game.


Where is Heather working in the Season 3 premiere "The Thief?"

Heather and Angela get a job at the music store, but run into trouble when Heather's boyfriend -- who also happens to be the captain of the football team -- decides to come in and do some shoplifting.


How is George almost killed in the Season 3 episode "Debut?"

George almost dies after a television falls in the bathtub and electrocutes him, forcing Mr. Belvedere to save his life. The near-death experience inspires George to pursue his dream of becoming a lounge singer.


Who calls the INS on Mr. Belvedere in Season 3?

After Mr. Belvedere spills the beans to George and Marsha about Wesley cheating on a test, Wesley takes revenge by calling INS on Mr. Belvedere, who is in the country illegally.


What type of animal is Wesley's pet Inky?

In Season 3, Wesley fakes the death of his hamster Inky in the hopes of finally getting a dog. He is also the proud owner of a pet bird and a snake named Captain Nemo.


Why does Wesley run away in Season 3?

Upset that she might be pregnant, Marsha blurts out that she never wanted Wesley, not knowing that he is listening. He is so upset by his mother's words that he runs away in the Season 3 episode "Baby."


Who gives Mr. Belvedere an award in the Season 3 episode "Baby?"

Mr. Belvedere is headed to England to pick up an OBE -- Order of the British Empire -- from Queen Elizabeth herself. After Wesley runs away, Mr. Belvedere is forced to skip his trip and receive his award by mail instead.


What talent does Wesley put on display at the school talent show in the Season 4 premiere?

Wesley shows off his ventriloquism skills at the talent show -- using a dummy that looks suspiciously like Mr. Belvedere.


Where do the kids travel in the Season 4 episode "The Trip?"

As George and Marsha celebrate their 20th anniversary, Heather, Angela and Wesley take Mr. Sparks from the nursing home on a dream trip to Atlantic City.


Which member of the family claims to spot a UFO?

Sure he spotted a UFO behind the house, Kevin spends his nights holed up in the backyard hoping to get another look at the extraterrestrial vessel in Season 4.


What does Mr. Belvedere trip over when he breaks his leg?

After tripping over a skateboard and falling down the stairs, Mr. Belvedere is put out of commission thanks to a broken leg in the Season 5 episode "Duel." Fortunately, his cousin Galen comes to fill in for him and help the family.


Where do Wesley and Mr. Belvedere get trapped in the series finale?

Sentenced to clean the attic after playing yet another prank on the Hufnagels, Wesley and Mr. Belvedere end up trapped in the attic. They spend the episode reminiscing about the best moments of the series.


What play does Mr. Belvedere direct in Season 6?

After he's chosen as the director of "A Christmas Carol" in the episode "A Happy Guy's Christmas," Mr. Belvedere gets frustrated and quits. Later that night, he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.


Who gets married in the series finale?

The series ends with a two-part episode focused on Mr. Belvedere's wedding to Louisa. When she has to head back to the African jungle to complete her work, Mr. Belvedere says goodbye to the Owens family to go with her.


Bob Uecker is actually a celebrated sportscaster in real life.

He played sportscaster George Owens on the show, but Bob Uecker was also a well-known sportscaster for the Milwaukee Brewers outside of the show.


"Mr. Belvedere" was inspired by a novel.

Author Gwen Davenport published her book "Belvedere" in 1947. It was made into the film "Sitting Pretty" the next year, followed by two sequels in 1949 and 1951.


How many times did a Mr. Belvedere-based TV show fail before the 1985 pilot became a hit?

Various producers made three attempts to make Mr. Belvedere into a TV show between 1956 and 1965 before the series finally succeeded in 1985.


How many seasons did the show last?

"Mr. Belvedere" ran for 117 episodes over six seasons from 1985 to 1990.


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