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Take one kid who's wise beyond his years, take a father who failed to launch and throw in a massive fortune and you've got "Silver Spoons." Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this classic '80s favorite!

How old is Ricky when he meets his father for the first time?

Young Ricky Stratton is just 12 years old when he meets his father Edward Stratton III for the first time in the pilot episode of "Silver Spoons."


Who is Edward's personal secretary?

Actress Erin Gray plays Kate, Edward's secretary -- and later, his wife, after the two finally admit they have feelings for each other.


How long were Edward and Evelyn married?

Edward and Evelyn were married just a week, but as Ricky reminds his father, it doesn't really take all that long for a couple to create a baby.


Why is Edward broke in the pilot episode of the show?

It's Ricky who figures out that Edward's business manager is stealing from him. The young tech guru uses his computer skills to transfer his father's stolen fortune back into Edward's account.


Who is Edward's lawyer in Season 1?

Actor Leonard Lightfoot played attorney Leonard Rollins in Season 1, but the uptight Dexter Stuffins took over as Edward's business manager starting in Season 2.


What actor played Grandpa Stratton?

After Ricky moved in with Edward, he worked hard to reconcile the long-estranged relationship between his father and his grandpa -- played by John Houseman.


Who did Edward hire to serve as his son's bodyguard?

When Ricky is threatened by a school bully in Season 1, Edward pays Mr. T to act as his bodyguard. I pity the fool who messes with a Stratton.


Who hacks into a military database with Ricky in Season 1?

In a totally awesome '80s TV show crossover, Arnold Jackson from "Diff'rent Strokes" made an appearance on Season 1 of "Silver Spoons." In the episode "The Great Computer Caper," Ricky uses his computer skills to hack into a secret military site.


Which of Ricky's friends was played by actor Jason Bateman?

Future star Jason Bateman played Derek Taylor, Ricky's military school buddy, in the first two seasons of the show.


Where does Ricky find a homeless family during his first Christmas holiday with his father?

Ricky and his family help make the season merry and bright for a homeless family they find living in a cave on the Stratton's property. This Season 1 holiday episode features a very young Joey Lawrence.


What does Bob Danish do to get Kate's attention in Season 1?

Kate's former love interest Bob Danish crashes his plane onto the Stratton property to try and win her attention in the Season 1 episode "Won't You Go Home Bob Danish?"


What does Kate catch the boys doing in the Season 1 finale?

Boys will be boys; in the Season 1 finale, Kate catches Ricky and his friends watching an X-rated movie while Edward is asleep.


Where do Ricky and Derek go to attend a Badger Convention?

In the Season 2 premiere episode "Passport to Pleasure," Ricky and Derek head to Chicago to attend a Badger Patrol convention. While there, they pick up some cheerleaders for a night on the town.


What condition sends Edward to the hospital in Season 2?

Kate and Ricky are both worried when a gallstone attack sends Edward to the hospital in the episode "The Hospital" during Season 2.


What band makes a guest appearance on the show in Season 2?

Hoping to impress a girl he likes, Ricky invites Menudo to perform at his party. The popular boy band sings "Gotta Get on Moving" in the Season 2 episode "Menudo Madness."


Who does Edward kiss in the Season 2 episode "A Summer's Romance?"

Things get dicey between Edward and Kate in the two-part episode "A Summer's Romance" when Edward runs into old flame Veronica.


What city is the family visiting when they get trapped in a hotel fire?

On a trip to a toy convention in Miami, Ricky, Edward and Dexter get trapped in a hotel fire in the episode "Blazing Hotel Rooms."


Who is Dexter's nephew?

When Dexter's nephew Alfonso -- and yes, that's Alfonso Ribeiro of "Fresh Prince" fame -- comes to town, he tells everyone that he knows Michael Jackson in an attempt to make friends.


Which of Ricky's friends moves in with the Strattons in Season 3?

After his house is destroyed in a fire during the holidays, Freddy and his family move in with the Strattons in the Season 3 episode "Twas the Night Before Christmas."


What is the name of Grandpa Stratton's business?

Estates like the Strattons don't pay for themselves! Grandpa Stratton owns Stratton Flour Mills. When Ricky comes up with some good ideas to improve the business, he lands a job with his Grandpa's company in Season 3.


What does Kate do to inspire Edward to propose in Season 3?

After Kate turns down a lucrative job offer so she can stay with Edward, he decides the time is right to propose. This upsets Ricky, who feels like he should have been informed ahead of time.


What celebrity diagnoses Alfonso with dyslexia?

It's no secret that Alfonso struggles in school, but it takes a visit from Olympian Bruce Jenner in Season 3 to figure out that his problem may be dyslexia.


What singer does Dexter fall for in the Season 4 premiere?

Season 4 kicks off with a visit from legendary singer Whitney Houston. When Dexter falls in love with her, he wants to move to Los Angeles to be with her, but Ricky and Edward convince him to stay.


Where does Edward's charity race take place in the Season 4 episode "Races with Eagles?"

To earn money for charity in Season 4, Edward has to run up the steps of New York's Empire State Building -- a tough task for someone who spends so much time cruising around the house on a toy train.


Which of Ricky's friends moved in during the episode "The House Guest" in Season 5?

Things don't go well for the family when Ricky's buddy Brad, played by Billy Jacoby, moves in which the Strattons in Season 5.


What girl comes between Brad and Ricky?

When Brad gets grounded and asks pal Ricky to take his girlfriend Leslie out, Leslie ends up breaking up with Brad to pursue Ricky.


What is the name of Kate's uncle, who appears in Season 4?

As Kate and Edward are trying to adjust to married life, Uncle Harry moves in to the Stratton home. To impress an old friend, he even pretends to be the true owner of Edward's mansion.


Who played Ricky on the show?

Actor Ricky Schroder, who went on to play Danny Sorenson in "NYPD Blue," played the young Ricky Stratton on "Silver Spoons."


What was the theme song to the show called?

"Silver Spoons" opened to the song sounds of "Together," written by Rik Howard and Bob Wirth. Producers used several different versions of the song throughout the series, including a rock version and one with a synthesizer backing.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Silver Spoons" ran for 116 episodes over five seasons from 1982 to 1987, before being cancelled due to low ratings.


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