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Ancient Rome was a fascinating civilization that revolved around mythology and the empire itself. It was one of the most powerful empires in the ancient world and a force to be reckoned with. The empire is often remembered for its rich entertainment and incredible buildings and architecture. Was there anything that the ancient Romans couldn't do? So, if you think you know all about them, it's time to find out!

Do you know what holidays the ancient Romans celebrated? What about their thoughts on religion and who they worshipped? What do you know about the wars and battles in which they took part? Many Romans were skilled warriors and when not defending their empire, took part in many spiritual ceremonies. Family was also very important to them, just like it is to us today.

Do you know what a Triumvirate is? What about what the many buildings in the ancient city were used for? Do you know what a typical day in ancient Rome was like? In many ways, it was similar to our lives today, but in others, it was much different!

So, if you think you can slay like a gladiator on this quiz, then it's time to get started. Take the quiz to see how much you know about ancient Rome!

What is a toga?

Togas were a common thing to see in ancient Rome. The toga was not exclusive to one gender and there were different types for a variety of different uses.


What was the Forum used for?

At the heart of the city, the Forum was used for things such as speeches or social activities. Many other types of activities also took place there, such as religious activities. The Forum was the place to be for all of the latest news and happenings.


What was used for washing clothes in ancient Rome?

Urine may not seem like the best option for washing clothes, but it worked well for the ancient Romans. And washing clothes wasn't the only thing for which they used it. It was also used for other types of cleaning.


What would make you a celebrity in ancient Rome?

Gladiators became the celebrities of ancient Rome. Just as our sports stars today, gladiators had fans and admirers who rooted for them. Did you know that many gladiators were from a criminal background?


What type of drug might you have taken in ancient Rome?

Salema Porgy was a fish that acted as a drug in ancient Rome. After ingesting it, the high lasts for quite a long time! The effects of the drug can be felt even a few days after eating the fish.


What was a Triumvirate?

A triumvirate was three politicians who worked alongside each other. One of the most famous groups was the First Triumvirate which was made up of Caesar, Marcus and Pompey. This happened twice in ancient Rome.


What unique occurrence once took place in the Colosseum?

Naval battles were hard to make happen in ancient Rome, which explains why they barely ever took place. But on very few occasions, the Colosseum was filled with water and the ships were brought in to create an incredible naval battle for the people.


Who was Cinncinatus?

Cincinnatus was a Roman general who participated in the Battle of Mount Algidus. Imagine his surprise when he was approached by his fellow Romans to become a dictator! They all figured he would be the best man for the job.


Who were the two brothers who were said to have founded ancient Rome?

Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome, according to Roman mythology. Romulus killed Remus to become the King of the newly founded city.


What material did the ancient Romans take advantage of?

Concrete was used heavily in ancient Rome. Their cement was created differently than the material we know today. A main ingredient in ancient Roman concrete was volcanic ash. Some may argue that this even made the concrete even more effective!


If you wanted to catch a chariot race, where would you go?

The Circus Maximus was massive and hosted one of the most popular sports in Rome, chariot racing. To get an idea of just how massive this venue was, you can look at the number of seats, which is up to 250,000 of them.


What is the Pax Romana?

The Pax Romana was a famous period of peacefulness throughout the empire. It was an important time in Roman history and one that was highly favored. Did you know that it has inspired the name of periods of peace in other countries as well?


Who did the ancient Romans feud with for the longest?

The Persians and the ancient Romans had such a long feud that is lasted for more than 700 years! It began over land, but as time went on, more and more problems and tensions were created between the two. No other conflict lasted as long as this ancient battle.


Is it true or false that early the Romans were Christian?

This is false. Ancient Romans were most commonly not Christian, and rather worshipped the Roman gods. As time went on, more and more Romans became open to the thought of Christianity which was eventually incorporated into their culture.


How did ancient Romans bathe?

Public baths were very common in ancient Rome. Not only were they used as a place to bathe, but also to socialize with friends. Going to the baths was part of a routine that took place after the workday for most.


What was "Saturnalia"?

Saturnalia was a celebration of the the god, Saturn. Just like our holidays today, everyone had the day off. The day also allowed slaves to participate in and enjoy luxuries they otherwise would not have been able to participate in.


How long was a typical work day in ancient Rome?

The Romans worked a little less than we do today, but they often packed a lot into their day! They usually got up early and started their work day, and later made time for socialization, family and other miscellaneous activities. They loved to work, but loved to play even harder.


What was a big part of the ancient Roman diet?

Seafood was an important part of the Roman diet. Being so close to the ocean, it was easily accessible for fishing and became a staple in ancient Roman households.


Who was Pliny the Elder?

Pliny the Elder was a philosopher who even wrote his own encyclopedia. He was also a lawyer and a commander, among other things.


Who did ancient Romans worship?

The ancient Romans worshipped their Roman gods and goddesses. They were a big part of the lives of the Romans, who often had small shrines in their homes dedicated to certain gods and goddesses.


What was the most important meal in ancient Rome?

Dinner was the most important meal of the day in ancient Rome. It was also the longest-lasting meal of the day. The Romans often did not use utensils, and instead preferred to dine with their hands.


In ancient Rome, what did the mother usually take care of?

The mother or wife of the household in ancient Rome was responsible for money-related matters. She would deal with the money, but her husband would be the owner of things such as land or the home.


What was one skill that children were taught in Roman schools?

Math was a very important subject in ancient Rome. Writing and reading were also extremely important subjects. Did you know that ancient Rome had private schools as well as public schools?


Who led a slave revolt?

Spartacus was the leader of a slave revolt in 73 BCE. His decision to lead the revolt was said to have been due to Spartacus becoming fed up with the slavery system and deciding to do something about it.


How did the ancient Romans eat?

It might be looked down upon now, but in ancient Rome, eating dinner on the couch was normal! Many often laid down and were either fed their food or fed themselves while talking to others.


What was a "vestal virgin"?

In ancient Rome, vestal virgins had a very important job. They were trusted to keep the flame going as it was thought to be bad news for the city if it went out. The vestal virgins were also destined for the job as they were chosen while they were still children.


What was Paris' name when it was conquered by the Romans?

Lutetia was the name of the city that we know today as Paris. France, as a whole, during the time of the Roman Empire was known as Gaul. You might want to keep this in mind in case you ever get your hands on a time machine!


Who was the last king of Rome?

Tarquin the Proud was the last king of Rome. There were only six before him. After his reign was over, Rome became a republic where elections were held to decide who would take office.


Is it true or false that the father in a household dictated who his children could marry?

This is true. The father in the household held the most power, and therefore could decide the future of his children. He decided their future partners.


Which of the following countries was not part of the Roman empire?

Iceland was not part of the Roman Empire, but many other countries that we know today were. The Roman Empire included countries such as the United Kingdom, Syria and Palestine, as well as many other European countries.


Who was killed in the Battle of Silva Arsia?

In 509 BC, Lucius Junius Brutus was killed in the Battle of Silva Arsia. The battle was a significant one for the Romans who emerged victorious despite losing their leader to the Etruscans.


Who was the Roman god of thunder?

Jupiter was the god of not only thunder, but the sky as a whole. The Romans had many gods, such as Neptune, who was the god of the sea, and Cupid, who we still know today as the god of love.


Where did ancient Romans socialize?

Ancient Romans went to the baths together to socialize. It was a place to catch up and get the latest news around the town. It may not seem like the best place to do so, but it worked for the ancient Romans!


What language was spoken in ancient Rome?

Latin was one of the official languages of ancient Rome, as well as Greek. While both languages were used, Latin is the one that is very commonly found on many ancient Roman pieces and artifacts.


What did Emperors make part of their routine?

The daily routine of a Roman emperor may sound glamorous, but part of it included ingesting poison. The reason? It was to gain immunity to multiple different types of poisons.


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