How Much Do You Know About Aviation?

By: Robin Tyler
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We see them everyday flying through the air in the blue skies above us. And perhaps we take aircraft for granted, don't we? They have become such a daily occurrence in our lives, taking millions of people to destinations around the world that it is difficult to understand a time without them.

It may sound unbelievable, but the first human-crewed flight only happened just a touch over 100 years ago. It is incredible to think how quickly everything progressed from that day in December 1903 when the Wright Brothers flew for the first time. Just think about it. A mere 66 years later, and humankind had put a man on the moon! That's simply staggering.

It truly is a case of those magnificent people in their flying machines!

But just how much do you know about the world of aviation? Do you know the history behind human-crewed flight or the record settings in the pioneering days of aviation? Do you know the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic or the biggest aircraft ever made? What about the first person to break the speed of sound, or the name of the first jet ever invented?

Well, you can expect questions just like those in our aviation quiz. Do you think you could ace it? Let's find out!

From the options below, can you pick the oldest airline in the world?

What was the original name of the John F. Kennedy airport in New York?

The Boeing 747 is one of the most famous passenger planes in the world. How much wiring does it have in it?

True or false? Food doesn't taste the same at altitude.

Who is credited with the first aircraft flight in 1903?

Which of these does NOT affect an aircraft in flight?

True or false? The pilot and co-pilot on a long-haul commercial flight may not eat the same food.

Of the options below, which is the world's smallest jet?

In aviation, what is Harriet Quimby's claim to fame?

Which of these female pilots was the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean?

From the list below, can you tell us which is the world's largest passenger aircraft?

True or false? The universal term for an help in an emergency, "MAYDAY" is derived from French?

In what year was an online check-in first used?

Can you name the experimental aircraft that flew around the world in 1986 without refueling?

Who was the first man to cross the English channel, a feat he managed in 1909?

What is the name of the Australian national airline, the third oldest in the world?

Can you name the first man to break the sound barrier in level flight?

A fear of flying is known as _________?

The most dangerous time during an airline flight is the three minutes after take-off and eight minutes before landing. What is the percentage of accidents that happen during these periods?

Can you name the first commercial jet airliner?

How many people travel by aircraft in the United States each day?

Which of these is the busiest airport in the world?

In the world of aviation, what was Otto Lilienthal's claim to fame?

An absolute aviation classic, the Douglas DC-3 Dakota served as an airliner, transport, paratroop plane and in many other roles. What was its nickname?

Can you name the massive German airship that was destroyed in a fire in 1937?

From the options below, can you name the biggest cargo plane in the world?

Which is the fastest aircraft ever made?

Who was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

Although no longer in service, can you name the world's only supersonic jet airliner?

True or false? Sitting at the rear of an aircraft increases your chances of survival in an accident by 40%.

Can you name the American fighter plane from World War II often called the "Cadillac of the Skies"?

Of the options below, who made the first helicopter flight?

Can you tell us which of these aircraft is nicknamed the "Jumbo Jet"?

What was the name of the aircraft that dropped the first ever atomic bomb?

From the options below, can you identify the first ever jet to fly?

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