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No matter where you travel in the world, there's bound to be a rule or two you didn't know about! But this quiz will test you on the Canadian rules of the road. The Canadian roadways are unique in many ways. They experience harsher winters and conditions that are more slippery than most other places around the world. It's important to make sure that you not only know the rules of the road, but also how to prepare yourself for these new conditions!

In order to drive in Canada, you'll need to know the signs. You'll want to have knowledge on what they look like, what they mean and how to obey them. Another important factor to driving is the speed limit. You'll want to know all about these so that you can stay safe and have an enjoyable trip. You might also find that there are more animals around than you are used to. Driving down the open Canadian road can be quite the experience that you'll love!

If you think you could complete a drive across the country without disobeying the rules of the road, then it's time to test yourself. Take the quiz and see if you could handle the Canadian highways!

If no speed limit sign is posted on a residential street, what can you assume the speed limit is?

If you haven't seen a sign to indicate the speed limit, it is important first to assess the area you're in. On most multi-lane highways, you can assume it is 100 km/h. Suburban and rural areas are typically 80 km/h, while residential streets are usually 50 km/h.


Aside from a driver's license, what else do you need to have to drive in Canada?

Car insurance is mandatory to have if you are driving in Canada. It is illegal not to have it, and you can be fined thousands of dollars if you are caught driving without it.


Once you complete a written test in Ontario, what do you receive?

A G1 license in Ontario is the first step to learning how to drive. Once you have this, you can operate a vehicle with another person who already has their full license present.


If you see a sign with an animal on it, what does that tell you?

A sign with an animal on it tells you that there are many animals in the area that could jump out in front of you. Often you'll see a deer or moose on the sign in Canada.


What does a flashing green light mean?

A flashing green light not only allows cars traveling straight through the intersection to go, but it also allows right turning vehicles to safely turn. Any other time, the vehicle would have to yield to cars traveling through that way that were going straight.


There is one city that you cannot turn right on a red light in Canada. Which city is it?

Montreal is the only place in Canada that you cannot turn right on a red light. Quebec as a whole was once widely enforcing this law, but later decided to rid of it.


What does a sign with a green circle and a snowmobile mean?

Any road that has this sign indicates that snowmobiles can travel on the road. There are also other signs meant for snowmobiles such as a snowmobile crossing sign that is yellow with a snowmobile on them.


Who goes first at a four-way stop?

The person who arrives and makes a stop at the intersection has the right of way to go first. If two cars stop at the same time, the car on the right gets to go first.


Which province only allows you to drive with a blood alcohol level of less than 0.08%?

Every province in Canada uses this standard number for their drinking and driving laws. If the breathalyzer reads any more than this limit, it will lead to big consequences.


At what age can you get your driver's license in most provinces and territories?

In most provinces and territories, 16 is the age that you can start the process of obtaining a driver's license. In Alberta, however, you can start at the early age of 14!


A yellow sign with a black arrow indicates what?

This sign indicates a warning or a sharp corner ahead. The arrows will typically point in the direction that the corner takes, and they're located on your side of the road.


What must always be on when you are in a vehicle?

A seatbelt is always required when driving in Canada. This also goes for any passengers in the car. If there is not a seatbelt for everyone in the car, then the extra people cannot travel in said car.


What are the speed limit signs measured in?

In Canada, the units used for speed limit signs is kilometers. Don't get it confused with miles, you could end up unintentionally speeding, which can result in a fine!


Which lane is meant for passing in Canada?

The left lane is used for passing in Canada, and slower traffic is expected to stay right. Even though you are passing, you still must follow the posted speed limit in the area.


When driving in the winter, what is one thing to be very careful of?

Black ice is a very bad condition that happens in the winter time on Canadian roads. It is virtually invisible, meaning that it is that much easier to find yourself slipping into an accident.


If you're pulled over, what do you need to have with you?

These three items are very important to have on hand when an officer pulls you over. It makes things easier on the officer and yourself, and can most likely save you a lot of time.


What indicates that you can pass on a single lane road?

A dotted line is usually found on single lane roads where you can see far enough to pass the car ahead of you safely. If there are two solid lines, it means that it is a zone where you cannot pass at all.


When driving in Canada, what other language might you see on a sign other than English?

French is an official language in Canada, so you will often find it on road signs. If you're traveling in Quebec, it would be especially helpful to know a few key phrases so that you can understand the laws of the road.


What should you do when approaching another car in the dark?

Turning off your bright lights is very important when approaching other cars. Otherwise, it can hurt the eyes of the approaching driver and vice-versa.


A child under 40 pounds must be secured in the car with what?

Kids are at risk of being seriously injured in car accidents, so any child under this limit is protected better by sitting in a car seat. It's important to keep children in the car as safe as possible!


In Canada, what unit is gas measured in?

Gas is usually measured in gallons in the United States, whereas in Canada you'll be purchasing it in liters. Keep this in mind so that you aren't shocked at the pump. In Canada, "liter" is actually spelled as "litre"!


If you're pulled over by a policeman, what should you do?

When being pulled over by an officer, you should pull over where it is safe and stay in the car. Wait for the officer to approach you and instruct you on what they would like you to do next.


Who has the right of way at a roundabout?

The person on the left always gets the right-of-way on the roundabout. But before they can go, they must yield to those who are on the roundabout already.


In British Columbia, which of the following is illegal?

In British Columbia, it is against the law to put your vehicle in neutral when going down a hill. One reason someone might think to do this is so that they can save a little bit on fuel.


A black sign with a white arrow indicates what?

A one-way street is indicated with this sign. Make sure to pay attention to these signs; it could be dangerous to accidentally turn the wrong way onto one of them.


Orange colored signs usually indicate what?

Orange road signs are usually used in cases of construction. Of course, depending on what is pictured, the sign can have a different meaning. But it will still be construction related, such as survey crews at work and rough patches ahead.


What can help you get your license faster, as well as lower your insurance rates?

Taking a driver's ed course can give you many benefits in Canada. Not only does it give you a great foundation to learn, but it can lower the time needed to get your full license as well as insurance rates.


Which road marking indicates that you need to stop?

If you're coming up to an intersection in Canada, you'll notice a very thick, white line on the ground. This also indicates that you are supposed to stop, unless a green traffic light suggests otherwise.


A green arrow on a traffic light indicates what?

A green arrow indicates that you can safely make a turn. So long as you are turning the same way as the arrow indicates, then all traffic will be stopped in order for you to execute it safely.


If the traffic lights are out at an intersection, what should you do?

Traffic lights that are out are treated as a four-way stop in Canada, so that everyone can continue in a safe fashion. Although it may take a bit longer, the safety of all drivers is very important on the road.


Who has the right of way where there is a crosswalk?

Pedestrians always have the right of way at crosswalks, so long as they are crossing at one. Jaywalking, on the other hand, is illegal and individuals can be fined in Canada for doing it.


What do you need to have when driving through the mountains of British Columbia in the winter?

Tire chains are critical in the mountains of British Columbia due to the severe weather and conditions that you may experience. There are even signs that state when you must have these with you by law.


What must you do if a school bus stops and puts its red lights on?

It is essential that no matter what side of the road you are on, that you stop for a school bus with the red lights flashing. You never know which way the children may have to walk in order to get home, so it's best to be safe by obeying the rules of the road.


If an emergency vehicle is approaching with the lights on behind you, what do you need to do?

Drivers in Canada can be fined for not pulling over and allowing emergency vehicles to pass by them. It is critical that these vehicles get to where they need to be as quickly and safely as possible so that they can do their jobs.


What highway can take you across Canada?

The Trans-Canada Highway can take you across the country and it is known as one of the longest highways in the world. You can also get off in certain provinces as well if you want to do some exploring.


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