Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ford Trucks in the 1970s?
How Much Do You Know About Ford Trucks in the 1970s?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Pixabay / kmckaskle

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Ford has been at the forefront of truck manufacturing for over 70 years now.  That's a heck of a long time to be putting out a product. And if sales are any indication, they've pretty much mastered it.  The Ford F-150 continues to be the most popular pickup truck on the market and has held that spot for years. The company has really revolutionized the truck world and has had an incredible influence over all the other designs and manufacturers over the years.   They're so big you just can't deny how important they are.

There have been some major ups and downs in that 70 years of manufacturing, and one of the most important decades for not just Ford but trucks, in general, was the 1970s.  This was a huge decade that saw environmental concerns change the way trucks performed, as well as the evolution of the truck from a tool for work to an actual family vehicle.  At Ford, it was the explosion of their dominance in the truck market.  If you know anything about truck history, this is the decade to know about.  So how much do you know about Ford trucks in the 1970s?  This quiz is not for the faint of heart, but if you think you have what it takes, buckle up and see.

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In what year did the Ford F-Series become the best-selling truck in America?
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Where did Ford open a plant in 1969 that went on to produce the L-series line throughout the 1970s?
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Everyone knows the "Built Ford Tough" slogan that Ford uses. What year did they drop that on the public?
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What feature became standard in Ford Broncos in 1971?
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The F-150 has been a remarkably popular model. What year did it show up?
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How long did the Ford F-350 Super Camper Special exist?
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When Ford trucks undergo a substantial redesign, they're tagged as being a new generation of truck. What generation premiered in the 1970s?
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Which one of these made its debut during the sixth generation of F-series trucks?
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In 1974, truck buyers could get a 460 cu. in. V-8 engine in their 2-wheel drive trucks in all states except one. What state didn't have that option?
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What pollution converting device became standard on all F-100 trucks in 1975?
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In 1970 Ford tried to spruce up the way its trucks looked as opposed to how they performed. How many trim categories were offered that year?
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What was added to F-series trucks only in California back in 1971?
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1977 was a big year for dealing with the elements. What option was added that could help you out in the winter?
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Some people want a tough truck, others wanted a fun one. What fun type of Ford that featured rainbow stripe panels was marketed in 1977?
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What three F-Series models were available for sale in 1970?
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What was the gross vehicle weight of the Ford F-150 when it was introduced?
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Ford was never one to skimp on colors. How many shades of blue were available for 1976 Ford trucks?
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Ford trucks are famous for their grilles. In what year did the infamous "egg crate" grille make its debut?
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F-series trucks lost a significant amount of horsepower into the late 1970s. What was the cause of that?
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In a 1973 design choice meant to increase safety, what got moved from behind the seats?
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What became 50% larger in the 1973 models of Ford trucks?
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In what year did Ford first offer the coolest option you'll ever find in a truck, the CB radio?
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How many different factory colors were available for a Ford truck in the year 1970?
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Sales are always a good indication of your popularity. How many trucks did Ford sell in the year 1978?
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In an effort to make trucks seem like family vehicles, what kind of seating was available in the back of 1974 SuperCabs?
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1972 was the year that the fifth generation of Ford trucks ended and major changes to horsepower were implemented. How long would it be until Ford trucks matched 1972 models for horsepower again?
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What is the one shade of white paint that was available for the entire decade of the '70s?
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82,000 F-series vehicles were recalled in 1979. What was the problem?
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1975 introduced a standard featured in F-series trucks that no longer exists in Ford or pretty much any other major manufacturers vehicles thanks to changing views in society. What was it?
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What car manufacturer beat Ford to the punch with an extended cab model in 1973, while Ford's didn't show up until the following year?
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In commercials, Ford emphasized how tough their trucks were to potential buyers. How many Fords built since '63 were still on the road in the mid-'70s, according to their commercials?
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Ford really emphasized how their trucks offered a smooth, car-like ride. What feature were they pushing in commercials to sell this point of view?
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The '70s ended along with Ford's sixth generation. What was the difference between a '79 Ford and an '80 Ford?
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